Self Reflection

Magally Dorado Amigon

Freshman Comp

May 22, 2020

Professor EllisĀ 


Throughout this course, I have learned a lot about English and writing in general. I feel like I can see growth within my work. Not only did I learn more but I was able to expand on my ideas and beliefs. Before entering this class, I felt unprepared even though I had a basic high school education and have paid attention in all my english classes. However, after being in this course for months I feel like I have learned so much. If I am being honest I did not know what a researched critical analysis was but I began to learn that it is not just one thing but different elements that make this essay unique. I was able to learn the element of taking a stance and defending your view to make a valid point. With a great professor, I was able to learn about making sure to reach your point to your audience making sure you know who your audience is so that you can target them and get your point across. I was also lucky enough to have a tutor on Fridays for extra guided help. This was great for some who needed more help. Although towards the end I was not able to speak to them in person the professor and the tutor went well out of their way to communicate and reach out to us to make sure we were all right. This was great because we still had a way to communicate and ask questions. Something that I learned over the time being enrolled in this course is that it is not easy. Writing is not fast and easy; this is something that takes time and patience even after years of studying. You will not become a great writer overnight because like anything else it does take practice. In my writing, I have always tended to drift away from my main point and it is something that I have always wanted to fix. While writing my literacy narrative both the professor and the tutor were able to see how I struggled with that while writing about myself and my story. I have not yet perfected it but I am improving because of their guided help. I think over the time of being in this course has taught me that not only do you need the mentors help there but also your peers. They are helpful in giving feedback and constructive criticism so that you can better your writing. I can say with all honesty that this freshman composition has taught me a lot in what feels like a short period of time. Under different circumstances I think it could have been better but we were interrupted by something that no one saw coming. Even so, while being moved online this course has still been beneficial and nothing changed except location. I was still able to get the quality assistance that I needed. If there is something that I could take away from this course is always pay attention to who your target audience is because without the audience you would have no reader and then there is just no point to writing an essay.


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