One of the main problems that I have trouble with is that I tend to repeat the same story and use the same words multiple times throughout my essay and it really messes up my essay at some point. I also have some trouble being able to make my words sound correct when I’m writing or typing my essay and might choose the wrong words of what I might be describing and it won’t even match what I want to write about. I always have trouble when I’m starting an essay and what to write down to be able to explain what topic I will be covering. There are still many things that I need to work on like how to be able to focus on this one topic and to be able to write about it.

I will need to be able to overcome this outcome to be able to make my essays better than how I used to write them in the past and not be stuck on one part of a paragraph. I have been able to overcome some of my outcomes by reading my essays and feedback from my teachers to be able to know how to improve my writing. This has happened so many times I would be able to know what I am doing wrong but at the same time, I would have trouble as well in order to know what I need to change to be right. Also to be able to know what I want to write about next even when there are times I’m not interested in and it will be hard for me to be able to write about it and to put it in the correct order. 

There are so many times that I will be stuck on one part of the essay and don’t know how to start it and I would have to come up with something that comes to my mind. This has happened many times that has to happen to me and to be able to know what I mostly lack on as well and would stay on it for a while. This also happens when I’m trying to find evidence for certain topics because sometimes it doesn’t match what I’m writing about and I would have to change it again in order to make sure it matches with the evidence that I have found. There are so many things I have to overcome to be able to make sure that I have made my essay right and to be able to make it to be readable also for it can match my introduction as well and not just be made up. As time goes on and I am able to receive feedback on my essay of what I didn’t do wrong or what didn’t make sense, I would be able to go back to that part and make sure to be able to correct it to make sure the reader and myself to be able to understand what I’m writing about.


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