Money is only a tool


“Money is a tool. Used properly it makes something beautiful; used wrong, it makes a mess”— Bradley Vinson; This image above is of liltay a 9-year-old Asian child. In my perspective, she is an ideal case of rich ruined child. These days, internet-based life has turned into an enormous stage for individuals to flaunt their cash, excellence and abilities.It is as comparative as the third episode of Ways of a Seeing where the rich individuals used to purchase oil artistic creations so as to show individuals how rich they are. Riches that can be reproduced in oil paint and obtained as though they claim everything with the canvas causing them to appear to be more extravagant. But, due to social media kids have spoiled their childhood. At this age they should be playing outdoors with friends and having fun rather than posing for photos and not being themselves just for fame and destroying their future and childhood. There are, in the web-based life universe, two sorts of influencers, which means individuals who profit, somehow, by gathering an after. There are the individuals who posture astutely for Instagram while perusing a book of Rupi Kaur’s verse by candlelight, some tea close by. These individuals plan to in the long run get paid to post content for a health fire up. Their lives are, in any event from a Gwyneth Paltrow–ish point of view, too flawless to even consider believing.


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