Literacy Narrative

Magally Dorado Amigon

Freshman Comp.

Proffessor.  Ellis

11/ Feb/ 2020


It was another day of school, another day of learning new things and training my brain of the things I had already learned. I was in a calm state of mind until the phone that was hanging on the wall started to ring. It was my name that was called. My mom had come to school to pick me up early and next thing I knew we were on the train which was headed downtown. The both of us didn’t know what to expect. We just knew that we had an appointment for an evaluation to see if I was mentally challenged. Finally, we reached the office where the nice lady was waiting for me. As I walked into the room, I saw piles of books on top of a children’s desk to the right of me and a big desk with two chairs ahead of me. 

I sat down at the bigger desk anticipating what we would start off the session with. Would it be reading some books out loud or some creative writing? Maybe we would start with an introduction or a snack first. The evaluation began and it was a time of hard work and I recall having fun, but I could not wait to go home. As time passed by I remember thinking “when is this going to be over?”  During the evaluation, I actually enjoyed reading and writing because it was something I knew I was proficient in. I enjoyed being able to write sentences and convey how I was feeling. I vastly remember telling the lady what I saw on the white cards with random spots of paint on them. In this room, I was feeling insecure because I was thinking to myself whether I was literate or not. I was doubting myself because out of all the kids in my class I was the only one who was chosen to be evaluated. It made me wonder if I was not intelligent because I wasn’t reading enough. This is something that to this day still makes me wonder if the people in my school thought I had a mental disability. 

However, I also had a feeling of excitement while in the room. In this room not only did I doubt myself but I had this feeling of growth and discovery. I had discovered that I was more intelligent than I and even the evaluator had expected. She was so surprised by me being there that she even told my mom “why is your daughter here today? She is smart and is not supposed to be here.” It still does not make sense to me because I would always read at home and in school. I would even read while walking down the street. During this time, I got to learn more about the importance of reading and writing in all of our lives. Having these small sets of tests made me realize that I was proficient in reading, it was something that I loved doing. When the evaluator told me to read out loud I felt like it was something that I always naturally did since the day I was born. Same with the writing portion. To be completely honest I felt like the world’s greatest author when writing but I was just a child scribbling words on paper. It was at this time that I knew I actually loved reading and writing because it is something that is so essential and something wherein you are able to express your thoughts by doing so.

Throughout this experience, I discovered that I have a love for reading and writing and I now have a desire to learn more about these topics. I also have a desire to learn more about myself and the way I view things through literature. Over time, my literary skills have grown as so have I. That day at the office. I thought it would be just an evaluation where someone would judge me by the way I speak and by the way I write. However, it was a day for me to learn new things for myself. Learning these characteristics have not only helped my past self but has also helped me today, it has helped me communicate with others and further develop my literary skills.



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