Journal Entry #1

This first essay was about describing and writing about a modern object of our choices. I went with the obvious which was a phone. I chose this because I knew it would be easier and I know most about phone than other objects so I could actually go into detail of the object. At first I didn’t really know where to start though. Although that happened to m every time I have to do a piece of writing. The introduction is always hat leaves me stuck but then once I’m over that I could ramble about everything else on the rest of the essay. This is because I believe tat the introduction is the most important part of an essay. It’s what introduces what you’ll be talking about and lays down the “ground” ideas that you’ll be describing. Also it’s what would let the reader decide if they still want to continue reading or it’s just not interesting enough. Other than that this essay was easier than expected considering it’s not like high school where you get a full guideline and template on how to do the essay. I enjoyed the researching about the modern phone and writing about. Very interesting topic!


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