International  Relations (Observation game)

                                         Card Game- Rock-Paper-Scissors

taking over/ resources

The point of this game in my perspective was the way the group of people in the class were taking over other people’s card, I will point this as taking over other people’s territory and fighting over resources.. ANARCHY come in this type of situation in a way that there is no rule, law, the authority of any government. 
Most of the observations were:
  1. Fear- Some people were getting scared of losing supplies and also of losing their territory.
  2. Power- Some people were becoming more powerful because they were getting most of the cards than others in the group. Meaning the person had more advantages of being protected than others. 
  3. Balance- Some people were having a balance with their cards and not using them at all to a least don’t end up with anything.
To conclude, International trade is a way countries are allowed to trade and it a big competition containing more competitive prices in a way some people are trying to make it cheaper so they can have more people to buy it.


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