The breezy cold night
was awake as the wind sang its favorite song
the lights parading in the street
the leaves dancing to the whispering of the wind
there she was in the midst of it all

Rushing and breathing hard
She walked into the building
the sound of her shoes
toc toc toc toc toc
echoed in the lobby

Pressing the button with urgency
the elevator growling
now waiting for the elevator
the elevator
stops on each floor
3 lights up
2 lights up
L lights up “ding”
doors open
her eyes looking back
not a sound
she opens the door“ah, finally”

Klang, Bang
the sound echoes in the lobby
The body falls to the ground

The white and black hexagon floor is now dressed in red
the elevator starts to growl again
2 lights up
3 lights up
4 lights up
Her crystal blue eyes awakes to the sound of
the sirens
closing her eyes
seeing the bright lights
hearing the noise

Closing and opening her eyes 
like waves in the ocean
Men with blue uniforms talking in the background
“she has being hit on the head with a sharp weapon”
the neighbors horrified
Detective Blue says “Her purse is gone, we cannot identify the victim”
A woman screaming
The men in the blue uniforms would not let her come close to the victim
Detective Blue says “ Ma’am please step back?”
the woman replied” Not a bullet in your gun can stop me from seeing my daughter, you step away, my baby is hurt”
The mother hold her daughters hand
The daughter slightly smiles


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