Final Self Assessment


I’ve enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember.  Something about the way the pen feels gliding against the paper brings me a feeling of tranquility.  This semester has given me the opportunity to consistently write and improve my abilities. I believe that I’ve grown in ways that don’t directly resemble academics; coming from the very concrete discipline of Economics.  My peers and I’ve had the chance to learn, observe, and think before writing, instead of simply reading and writing about other authors work. This has been a welcome change and I can say I’ve enjoyed the chance to grow and become a more well-rounded observer, writer, and learner.

I think my writing has grown considerably this past semester.  I’ve become more familiar with grammar, and the overall Social Scientist writing process that I’ve welcome with open arms.  My work still has room to grow, and I look forward to keep reaching for new heights in future classes and beyond graduation.

I’ve embraced being a social scientist as a lifelong learner.  It isn’t just the words on a page or numbers on a graph when studying the Social Sciences.  It’s the relationship between people, places, and combining attributes that make the field so interesting.  I’m thankful for the chance to live in Manhattan and attend The City College of New York and excited to see what lies ahead.


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