Exploratory Essay

Magally Dorado Amigon

Freshman Comp

April 2, 2020

Professor Ellis


Religion’s impact on abortion


Abortion is a topic that has always been very controversial within countries, communities, and families as well. For years, even continuing today it is something that impacts us. You see all kinds of debates on websites, magazines, and on social media as well. There are debates between the two sides which are split into pro-choice or pro-life, someone will then assume whether someone is an exemplary or awful person based on their decision. However, no one seems to mention how religion greatly impacts the mentality and decision of someone. The different religious communities are such big systems that it is inevitable for them to have input on the lives of women who have an unexpected pregnancy.

There are many different religious systems such as Christianity, Catholicism, and Hinduism. These different belief systems have a very big impact on a woman’s choice and they make it seem as if they should strictly follow those beliefs or your God won’t love you. Many times a woman’s ideas and opinions are silenced, especially if she is underage. In these different belief systems girls are taught at such a young age that abortion is a terrible thing and that it should never be done or you will a murderer and that it’s a sin. Catholicism has been around for many years and has always had an influence on the ideas of people mainly the older generation. It is this new generation that is fighting to gain their freedom from the church. However, some argue that the church is helping and not hurting you.

The multiple churches and their religions have defended themselves by saying that they are misjudged and that everyone is staying away from them. In 1979, two polls conducted by CBS and the New York Times showed that a majority of Catholics and Protestants believed that abortions should be available and the decision should be left to the woman and her doctor (pubmed.gov). This further illustrates how even since years ago the churches do not interfere with the lives of others and do not meddle and let a woman live their life the way they should. The topic of abortion has been controversial between the religious community itself as well but it seems as though the people do not let that get in the way of them being closer to their rightful path.

The idea of abortion may come across as harmful and inhumane to some while to others it is seen as beneficial and necessary. There are even rallies and events to make abandon the idea of abortion completely. In an article by CNN, it is stated that abortion activists use religious language but it is still about politics. This further illustrates how in some places and even news sources it is viewed as normal to use your religious beliefs as a source of argument. Many followers of the church are influenced by the scriptures and by the sayings of the church. This can sometimes lead to more arguments as some may say that it is made up and not backed by science.

Although it can be considered biased we have to accept the opinions and beliefs of others or we pretty much would not get anywhere. Another survey conducted by Pew Research Center shows us how the majority of those who believe abortion should be illegal get their guidance of what is wrong and right from their religion. This shows that religion truly does have an impact on the opinions of others. However, it is very often disproved that these religions don’t support women. In fact, while researching many websites about religion and things of the spiritual nature came up showing how they do in fact support the decision of a woman and tend not to get involved because it is ultimately her decision.

While all of this is important, everyone continues to argue to make themselves heard and so that their opinion is valued but along the way we forget the struggles a female has gone through to make her decision. We never really know the reason why she wants to have an abortion in the first place. It can be for horrible reasons such as rape. Many are quick to assume how a woman should just not have had any sexual activities if she knew the consequences but the majority of the time no one truly knows what happened. There are even things she has to consider such as how she will raise the baby, if she’s economically stable, or even if she has a place to live.

Scientists have even chimed in on the opinions of those who speak without having gone to medical school. Many doctors have researched and said they are still not sure if a baby is already growing inside the body. However, other doctors have come out and said that all other evidence is false and that there is no actual baby developed when an abortion happens but that there is in fact only a few things no real body parts such as a nervous system. Without a nervous system a baby cannot feel anything which is why many have used the argument that you are not in fact messing with any real fetus.

Despite all the back and forth messages and controversies and fake articles, we will never truly have a right or wrong answer that will always be dependent on your beliefs and the beliefs of another person. Although this argument has been going on for many years it is very doubtful that it will ever go away as it is something that has divided many people and even nations. There are many reasons why a female who is pregnant would want an abortion but many tell her that there are many reasons why she shouldn’t do it. The different religions are a great example of this as they will try to persuade her into not doing what she believes is right. 


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