Exploratory Essay Reflection

Magally Dorado Amigon

Freshman Comp

April 5, 2020

Professor Ellis


The exploratory essay was a bit more difficult for me as I did face some challenges. To begin, I did not know how to start and structure the essay. I had a general idea of what I was going to write about but I had very few pieces of evidence to support it. As an assignment, we were asked to find pieces of evidence to help make our essay better and to help support our main idea. I did this by researching but ended up changing some of my evidence because I felt as if it did not correlate at all. In the midst of all this, we were at the beginning phase of a global pandemic which has forced us to continue our studies online. This made me feel sort of uncomfortable because I felt as if I didn’t understand the work. Although the professor made sure that we all understood the work and that we knew what to do I still felt disconnected because there was so much going on. Despite all this, I tried to work on my essay to the best of my abilities. I liked this essay because I would definitely say it challenged me but because it is something rather new to me I struggled with it as well. Something that I have learned from this essay is that you really need the evidence to back you up and to support your essay. This makes it better and helps tie your ideas together. With the exploratory essay, you really have to go into depth with your topic and really bring it to the table but without giving your opinion. I believe that was one of the hardest things to do, not give your side or your opinion.


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