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Hailing from Dominican Republic raised in Bronx, NY my peer interview is being conducted on 20-year-old Leidy Luciano. Leidy is currently in her 3rd year in City College of NY. It’s safe to say the community she recognizes as hers she has been a member of it for a lifetime. Education equality, low income families, and crime are some issues her community faces to name a few.

Certainly, something can be said for the human condition in relation to the mentality I gained from the interview I conducted with Leidy. Leidy has displayed a mentality that doesn’t mirror her environment that she was raised. From our interview it is clear to say what has made the separation. Strong family, and morals despite level of wealth can be enough for some. Leidy is proof of that, but providing that solace to an entire community is the problem my classmate wants to help solve. One solution Leidy provided was to set a better example for the next generation. Albeit addressing Leidy’s community education needs we would have to consider some type of financial stimulus to the economy.

During the interview process discussion of family continued and while aligning community improvements Leidy elaborated on what she loved most about her community. It wasn’t what she explained that surprised me. From her being a DR native and American raised she found commonality with both cultures. Leidy’s DR roots greatly resonated with her though, but that was because with all things that have bad sides, we all can see good. In Leidy’s case this is exactly what was able to happen. From examination of many lower income communities one thing that is truly underrated is the beauty from the humble beginnings. My knowledge of the DR and Bronx not being from either and only have been to one (the Bronx) I find that I assumed that they because plenty of DR natives relocated in Bronx, NY that they were exactly alike aside from the climate. From our interview what influenced change in my opinion is that there is more stimulation in their economy because they can farm, self-sustain, and be innovative. Albeit America is “the land of the free” and many relocate here, also success does find itself growing in the Bronx; I realized my perception of DR was skewed and that type of independence wasn’t able to thrive there.

Economic financial problems seem to plague the community in which I identify with. From the interview I conducted with Leidy I realize our challenges our similar and the even overlap. Finding the key to sow into these communities how to think more like Leidy’s family, the families that I have come across, and mine to be honest. Teaching our communities, the key to unlocking self-independence. Honestly, I don’t believe either of our communities will be able to succeed until then.

Finally, from my interview with Leidy understanding marginalization exists, and aside from extreme change within our government the only thing to push us forward is a change of mentality. Our communities overlap and there isn’t much that separates us. Society now is working on its relation within Hispanic POC and Black POC. Our communities face uphill battles but a lot of us make changes despite where we come from.







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