Essay #1 Self Reflection

After completing my first major essay I was exposed to not only my  ability to write and compose a narrative  essay but also expanded my horizons of what I can also achieve through the same medium of expression, mainly due to the process to not only set down my ideas in a narrative essay format and give me the  voice but also  elevating the reader to writer connection as well, which almost gives the reader a voice too.


 I learned greatly how to make a good essay into a great one and utilize small details to make a big impact. I mainly attribute this to the personal experience of me learning better writing strategies  in this class such as idea formatting and utilizing more rhetorical terms we discussed in class. For the idea formatting aspect, this class taught me that to create a more cohesive narrative I must not only create a more solid introduction which will allow the reader to easily understand the thesis and allow a good 2-3 sentence follow up to the thesis and not hit it directly when he or she starts reading it, but to get my narrative message across I must utilize clear topic sentences for every body paragraph.This  allows me to create a better narrative that will connect to the reader in a deeper manner by allowing him or her to understand my narrative as a whole through chronological order. It will also  not confuse them while reading the essay as clear as possible and separate  ideas are present within one paragraph each with smooth transitions rather than all the subtopics in the essay being scattered throughout the essay. It also allows the reader to remember my specific narrative to a greater extent by allowing it to be clear to read and impactful as the reader’s mind had a smooth flow of ideas coming into it without any cutoffs produced by an unorganized narrative.The use of me utilizing more rhetorical terms also  allowed for me to make a more compelling essay by not only making the narrative about my personal experience but allowing me to connect it with a greater issue at play. This was done mainly through the rhetorical terms such as rhetorical question, where after I narrated on my experiences of  wanting to go into a career in medicine through the personal experiences of my grandfather his lifestyle decisions and allowed me to switch the focus from him to the lifestyle choices that he chose  itself  that as seen through “is it possible that my grandfather’s heart disease could have been prevented by adjusting his diet and activity levels?”. 

Thus at the end of the whole writing process this first essay allowed me to have an opportunity to test and improve on my skills to achieve the  Course learning Outcomes by allowing me to  have the ability now to  develop strategies for drafting and editing my work to also utilize key rhetorical terms in the writing situation I am engaged with.

Final Draft Link: Paper #1 Narrative Essay .pdf


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