Class Introduction

Romeo Hu

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Intended major: English


After reviewing the syllabus, one thing I am excited about is being productive and focused as I get all my assignments done on time. One thing I am nervous about regarding this course is not being able to manage my time well because I usually wait last minute. Also, receiving weird grades is probably another thing to be nervous about. But besides that, I am mostly more excited than nervous because I really want to experience what college writing really is.

The qualities of good writing demonstrates the writer’s purpose and innovation. From my perspective, in order to be a good writer, the writer will have to be passionate about their topic. It is important to write well because it will bring the audience’s attention as well as provide specific information, which can also have a positive impact on them. To add on, a good writer provides a voice and sometimes display an image in the reader’s mind through writing.

The easiest part of writing for me is writing about any kind of topics I have experience with. For example, if I write about being a server, I can provide many information and evidence. I do well with expressing my experience over writing, while indicating some part of me. The hardest part of writing for me is the length. In general, I would get directly to the point but also have difficulty expanding my point of view. I need to work on elaborating as well as expanding my length of pages.

As of right now, I am interested in becoming an English teacher, therefore, I would expected to write all different kinds on genres. But I am mostly interested in non-fiction.Effective writing would benefit me with this career because I can pass on that experience and knowledge to others.




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