Bi-Weekly Reflection #1

In this internship I am already feeling good about the work I am putting out and the people I am meeting. So far I’ve had great communication with the general group and have been invited to almost every event which is nice. Ive had good contact with a couple of colleagues who I have been talking to and collaborating with. As far as my work, I have redesigned the central logo as well as updating the old one to a higher standard. This was very interesting to do and I’ve explored some new and somewhat graphic routes the logo can go to. I’m eager to hear what others think about it and what could be done further.  I’m also working on a flier for an upcoming event at QC in early March which I plan to have done three versions and up for revision by Wednesday which gives it plenty of breathing room as far as distribution. As far as that I also need to find some fonts to go along with the Knight News Brand so I need to do some digging on that part. I was feeling a black letter could be good or a more modernized serif font could work but that’s something that can be worked on too.

The future work I can do can be just about anything from new article headers to redesigning parts of the website and collaborating with the webmaster. Even things things that the organization needs such as promotional materials, digital assets, and even small quality changes. I also hear the website is getting a makeover which is exciting that I am a part of that makeover. This means that everything is up for grabs as far as redesigning and re calibrating and also establishing a new sort of design document future designers of the website can adhere to.Once that’s established I think the future work will become more cohesive in terms of design language and have a more unified look.

Overall I feel very comfortable as far as this internship’s workload and I feel very included and free to speak my mind as far as what I want to accomplish. The people in this internship are very motivated people and incredibly nice and talented. I hope to be of assistance to all of them and give the paper and their article the best representation on a graphic platform. I am in high spirits for what is to come in the next four months and am excited about going forward. In terms of a beat I think being helpful and positive is my beat this semester so I hope to live up to that.


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