Argument Assignment

Argument Assignment

  • For the longest time women have always been told that they have no place in a man’s world. Women have always been told that their place is in the kitchen while the men were told their role is to work in order provide for the families. This ideology is called Gender roles. Gender roles are the social expectations that dictate how each gender should speak, think, act and engage with each other. In the 1950s women weren’t given the opportunity to work so while men went to work and provided for their families. At this time, some girls weren’t allowed to get an education while boys went to school, completed their education and became professionals. Another form of gender roles is when some certain professions like engineering, medicine, construction etc. are viewed as jobs for the male gender and jobs like teaching, nursing etc are reserved for the females. (Logos)


  • Due to gender roles many highly talented women have been reduced to common housewives. So many young girls have been deprived of education while their male counterparts get their degrees and become reputable people in society. Women have always been looked down on by men because their gender is seen as inferior in society and this is due to all the stereotypes. I believe that this bias treatment has caused many women to think they cannot do anything with their lives other than what the society dictates they can. Men also affected by this very wrong ideology usually men who are not as masculine as most are ridiculed just because they do not fit the ‘big and strong’ stereotype. (Pathos)


  • This idea of Gender roles is something that should not be going in our society and the bitter truth is that it still happens even today. It is time to end this belief once and for all and the only way we can is by changing our mentality as a people. Another way we can end this is by creating awareness in society because many people do not see the problem with thinking women are nothing more than caregivers while some other people are just indifferent about the issue. The Government can also intervene by providing jobs to qualified women. (Ethos)


  • Hello Osemenga,

    This is a great topic. One thing I want to stress about appeals is that they rely not simply on what is being said but the intent in their use. An appeal to logos seeks to convince an audience that one’s argument is the most logical. Pathos arguments try and make people emotionally agree with your argument. Ethos arguments convinces an audience that one’s argument is the right/ethical course of action. In these arguments, you want to take a position and then convince your audience that your position is correct using each of the three appeals.

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