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  • An aspect of first language acquisition I found interesting was the debate between nativism and empiricism. Nativist scientists believe we are born with linguistic knowledge and empiricists believe imitation of […]

  • Hello Osemenga,

    This is a great topic. One thing I want to stress about appeals is that they rely not simply on what is being said but the intent in their use. An appeal to logos seeks to convince an audience […]

  • Argument Assignment

    For the longest time women have always been told that they have no place in a man’s world. Women have always been told that their place is in the kitchen while the men were told their r […]

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    Written by Scott Voth Updated 4 years, 9 months ago

    Introduction Newspapers from the nineteenth and early twentieth century have a troubled future. Intended from the outset to be “important today, discarded tomorrow,” printed on large sheets of cheap paper that make them expensive to index, hard to photograph, and challenging to preserve (Deegan et al., n.d., p. 3), they are sometimes available to the […]

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