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Welcome to Social Paper, a tool for networking in-progress student writing and feedback across disciplines, semesters, and publics. Use Social Paper to create papers, share and follow papers, comment on papers, or simply browse and search papers from The CUNY Academic Commons community using the directory below.

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  • Introduction
    Newspapers from the nineteenth and early twentieth century have a troubled future. Intended from the outset to be “important today, discarded tomorrow,” printed on large sheets of cheap paper that mak […]

  • The editor is breaking my emojis! Oh well…

    This paper is aworking document for jotting down some thoughts I have on digital tools and learning, and related stuff I might be interested in doing/making. I c […]

  • This is my first sample paper using the new Social Paper feature of the CUNY Academic Commons. Cool!

    I can easily embed content:

    …and make my text beautiful with easy-to-use formatting tools.

    Enjoy using Social Paper!

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