Yorgenys Torres        

February 7, 2018

Gen 101         


            Gender or sexual orientation is made visible in the story for example, with the article of changes within the MTA we see that not using the terms ladies or gentlemen because it can make some people uncomfortable because they themselves don’t know what to defy as. Also the article that informs us about the increase of transgender and how its visible due to survey census that were taken.

            In my opinion I see that sexual orientation is shown in the video with the women being pregnant but he sexual perfence to appear as a man is where we see another identity. We see that she likes the body shes in however feeling masculine makes her more comfortable with the skin shes in. In the video she feels like since she a “tom boy” and she is pregnant, as she walks in the street she feels uncomfortable in the way that people look at her or the type of questions they ask towards the way she looks and the reason how she is pregnant. She feels like its going to be difficult for her to walk around with out some one questioning her and the way they will react. But in another way its something that you don’t see in a every day society.


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