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Siwin Lo is a New York-based, Vancouver-raised writer and PhD student in Art History at the City University of New York's Graduate Center. Her writing has appeared in e-flux, and she has presented on various topics in modern and contemporary art in Canada and the United States.

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PhD student | The City University of New York–Graduate Center
MA | 2015 | University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC | Thesis: “Work and the Work of Art, 1959–1964”
BA | 2013 | University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC


“Superconversations Day 28: Siwin Lo responds to Hu Fang, ‘Why We Look at Plants, In a Corrupted World’,” e-flux conversations, (June 2015). (accessed June 12, 2015)Vikky Alexander: The Temptation of St. Anthony. Catalogue essay. The Apartment Gallery: Vancouver, 2015. Book. “Spaces of Possibility: The Location and Production of Knowledge and Narrative in Painting.” 33rd Annual Society for Interdisciplinary French 17th Century Conference, London, Canada/Société d’Études Pluridisciplinaires du XVIIe Siècle Français, London, Canada, October 2014. “Re-take of Amrita: A Genealogical Look At Vivan Sundaram’s Photographic Intervention.” 70th Annual South Eastern College Art Conference, Sarasota, Florida, October 9, 2014. “The Canned and the Wooden: Irony, the Readymade, and Native-Art-as-Usual.” Assimilation, Appropriation, and Autonomy: Cultural Influence, Borrowing, and Resistance in the Arts, University of California Riverside’s Third Annual Graduate Student Conference, Riverside, CA, May 2014. “Laughter in an Unbearable Silence: Irony, Vernacular Wood, and Native- Art-As-Usual,” in 9th Annual Art History Undergraduate Symposium (2014): 3-8. Print.“Botschaft e.V.: The Corporation as Medium and Message.” Visual Impetus VII: Conceived, Created, and Consumed, University of Victoria Art History Graduate Student Conference, Victoria, Canada, January 2014.“Laughter in an Unspeakable Silence: Irony, Vernacular Wood, and Native-Art-as-Usual.” 9th Annual University of British Columbia Undergraduate Art History Symposium, Vancouver, Canada, March 2013.

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