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    Research Paper
    At first I wanted to a the Asian influence on the world. My professor pointed out that this may be too much to handle. She was correct. I then had to narrow down the country I wanted to focus on. I chose to do it on South Korea. I chose aspects of South Korea that I wanted to speak out.

    Research played a huge role in the successes…[Read more]

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    I had to look over the news to find something I wanted to analyze. I ended up choosing to go with an article about suneung (CSAT), a South Korean test similar to the SAT. The article was was “Suneung: The day silence falls over South Korea” by Hossein Sharif. I sat down and annotated the article so I knew what parts I wanted to focus on…[Read more]

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    As soon as I heard we could choose someone to profile, my mind came up with two choices: Oda Nobunaga and Miyamoto Musahsi. I was always interested in foreign countries mainly because I was so used to the American lifestyle. In order to choose between these two I considered the audince. In my paper I choose to profile Miyamoto Musashi.…[Read more]

  • Literacy Narrative
    It was hard coming up with a topic. I had a few ideas but it was a going to be a lot of work to flesh out and test each one. I got into my writing mood by finding a quiet spot and just listening to music. Then it it me, each of the ideas I considered could be connected! I drafted quite a few outlines before I found one that…[Read more]

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