• Hi Jessica,

    I enjoyed reading your response. Fry and Einstein did a great job of capturing the “auora” of how it was done.

    I believe the Voyant is a great tool for English majors because they would be able to find a common theme or idea by using the tool and find the pages that mention it. In addition, I agree with Tuka that it would be a great…[Read more]

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    I believe the answer to your question is yes. Of course if great minds came together inventions to make books faster would have been created. It is also about how time changes society and what society wants or demands. As technology advanced there was faster ways of making books, and a greater demand.

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    I agree with Marc in how information would need to be written down in order to be passed around. However, this also has negative aspects because information wouldn’t be spread as fast, and is more prone to error. Spreading information orally changes over time depending on what a person remembers or hears. I believe another great way to spread…[Read more]

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    Hey Marc,

    I enjoyed reading your response. It’s amazing how times have changed and due to technology we can print almost anything. Answering your question I believe what was revolutionary was the printing press because this allowed for things to be copied. Without the printing press, would there be this idea to copy things ?

    Of course as…[Read more]

  • Fry’s videos and Einstein’s work both talk about print culture. Fry’s videos allowed us to visually see how the printing press works, and the work that it took make books and words. Einstein provided an in depth explanation of it. Einstein states “ many valued texts were barely preserved from extinction; untold numbers failed to survive. Surviva…[Read more]

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