Olivia Ildefonso

PhD student in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Human Geography specialization), studying school segregation and the multi-scalar politics of public education

Olivia Ildefonso is a PhD candidate in Earth and Environmental Sciences with a specialization in Human Geography. She studies k-12 public school education with a focus on the current ‘opt out’ movement against standardized testing. Olivia is also an anti-racist activist and has been working to address school segregation in NY since 2008.

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  • Title: Data Visualization in R


    Visualizing data effectively is an important component of any research project, from initial data exploration to the final research product. The same data can tell many stories, and this workshop will give you the tools to uncover them. Using the incredibly popular ggplot2 package in R, you will learn how to make reproducible data visualizations of a variety of data types. By the end, you will have the necessary skills to forge your own way forward. This is an intermediate workshop for people who have some experience working with R and RStudio.

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    Date: February 26, 2020 6:30 pm EST

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