Naomie Jean-Pierre

Adjunct Professor, Writer and Mentor

Naomie Jean-Pierre is a first-year adjunct professor, but a long-time creative educator. She researches narratives from marginalized perspectives and mentors students from diverse backgrounds. He practice integrates her literary and artistic focus with educational strategies that target critical and creative expression.

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-Received a B.A. in English from Howard University

-Participated in International Studies at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
-Certificate of Completed Joint Degree Program at University of Paris, Diderot in American Studies  
-Received M.A. in Literature at The City College of New York
Academic Interests

Cultural Studies: African American Poetry; Caribbean Literature; Postcolonial Criticism, Circum-Atlantic Studies, Black Womanist Narratives, the Marginal Bildungsroman, the Black Aesthete, The Elegy for the Black Body



Of Some Mothers/ An Interview with Naomie Jean-Pierre

Susan/The Journal
​”The Apologetics for Warring,”

Mud Season Review
Featured Poet,
“The Apologetics for Forgiveness”; “The Apologetics for Black Women / who forget their training / in the /mo/u/rning /”;
“The Apologetics for Leaving”

Rigorous Literary Magazine
Ode to Ralph Angel;
A Teacake / The Apologetics for Violence (i & ii);
Up With the Earth;
Exit Wounds;
​A Short History of Scars (ii);
Open Palms;
Apologetics for Emptiness;
Apologetics for Eve;
October 29, 2018

Mud Season Review, Issue #40
Poetry Co-Editor Aurora Nowak Interview
Leaving, Hoping, Mourning
December 5, 2018

The Lily Review
​A Conversation with Grace Paley
​Print Journal

“No More Plantains” 
purchase at
Fiction Magazine, Issue 63

“A Short History of Scars”
purchase at
Fiction Magazine, Issue 63​

“We Have Always Lived”
​Nominated for a Pushcart Prize*
​NOBLE/ Gas Qtrly

“The Passion According to the Panther,”
NOBLE/Gas Qtrly

POTP​ Author’s Note
NOBLE/Gas Qtrly

Objects of Derision / Q&A
NOBLE/Gas Qtrly

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