• Profile picture of Anne Chamberlain
    Anne Chamberlain - "This week the Office of Recruitment and Diversity posted the following job vacancies on LinkedIn for CUNY campuses seeking candidates and referrals. See […]"View
    Position: Univ Dir Talent Acquisition Programs and Affirmative Action Planning, Office of Recruitment and Diversity, CUNY Central
    Academic Interests: Human Resources, Talent Management, HR Metrics, Compensation, Labor, Workplace, Employment Law,
  • Profile picture of Bolanle Margaret Macaulay
    Position: HR Generalist, Central Office HR, CUNY Central
  • Profile picture of Laura Kates
    Position: Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Human Services, Kingsborough Community College
  • Profile picture of Jean Eddy Saint Paul
  • Profile picture of Jean Chen
    College: CUNY Central
    Title: Coordinator for Data and Reporting
  • Profile picture of Jennifer Rubain Borrero
    Position: Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services, Student and Enrollment Services, College of Staten Island
  • Profile picture of Jenny Hua
    Position: Administrative Coordinator, Office of Recruitment and Diversity, CUNY Central
  • Profile picture of Lourdes D. Follins, Ph. D.
    Position: Assistant Professor, BEH, Kingsborough Community College
  • Profile picture of Edith Rivera
    Edith Rivera - "@jhua Just now getting to this. Very awesome! Thanks. Now I know how to blog.LOL"View
    College: CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Macaulay Honors College, CUNY School of Professional Studies
    Title: Chief Diversity Officer
    Academic Interests: Eqaulity and Accessibility
  • Profile picture of Pieranna Pieroni
    College: CUNY Graduate Center
  • Profile picture of Arlene Torres
    College: CUNY Central
    Title: Director, CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative Associate Professor, Africana and Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: African Diaspora; Latina/o Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Social Inequalities. Area Research in the […]
  • Profile picture of Gilen Chan
    College: NYC College of Technology
    Title: Special Counsel and Compliance & Diversity Officer
  • Profile picture of Kam S. Wong
    College: CUNY Central
  • Profile picture of Anne Alarcon
    College: Brooklyn College
    Title: HR Specialist