Oliver R. Marshall

Assistant Director of the Saul Kripke Center and Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The Graduate Center, CUNY

I'm interested in how we can form beliefs about basic mathematical entities (e.g. magnitudes, numbers and sets), as well as beliefs with richer mathematical content, such as ones about mathematical structures. In addition to studying the objective contents of these beliefs, I also study how they originate in our species and our culture.

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212 817 7484 · OMarshall @ gradcenter.cuny.edu
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‘The Psychology and Philosophy of Natural Numbers’ (2018) Philosophia Mathematica  

‘Giaquinto on Acquaintance with Numbers’ (2017) Journal of Philosophy

‘Counting and Identity: A Reply to Liebesman’ (2016) Australasian Journal of Philosophy


Ph.D. The Graduate Center, CUNY: Toward a Kripkean Concept of Number

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