Jetmir Troshani

Training Coordinator + Adjunct Lecturer. Loves New Technology, Content Curation, Online/Blended Learning, History, Wine, Music & Good Food.

Jetmir develops and provides training programs for students, faculty and staff with technology-related topics at LaGuardia Community College. As a designer and instructor, Jetmir also currently serves as Adjunct Lecturer at LAGCC, where he teaches Web Design, Web Animation, Intro to Information Systems and Intro to Computer Courses.

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  • Jetmir Troshani posted an update 9 years, 3 months ago

    I am Interested on teaching 1 extra hybrid class on #CUNY colleges other than #LAGCC.
    Below view the classes I already teach at #LAGCC that I could teach on other CUNY colleges.

    BTC100 Intro to Computers
    BTC200 Intro to Information system
    HUW161 Intro to Web Design
    HUW161 Intro to Flash
    HUW166 Intro to Web Development

    View this class introduction #touchcast to my Fall semester Students, to get a feel of my teaching style. Please use Chrome or Safari browser.

    Please share my interest with your colleagues. Thanks much for your support