Julie Fuller (she/her)

PhD Candidate in English, Program Administrator for Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, Graduate Fellow for CUNY BA

Research interests: Victorian literature and visual culture, Women’s and Gender Studies, Digital Humanities

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  • Title: ITP Skills Lab: Doing Collaborative Text Annotation Online with Hypothes.is

    Description: Interested in digital, collaborative annotation of texts? Looking for ways to create classroom community and discussion around the texts you are teaching online? Learn about Hypothes.is, a free, open access tool that can be used on any website or web-based text (as in, a PDF posted on a CUNY Commons course site). This lab will cover the basics of setting up and using this digital tool, and delve into its applications in teaching, learning, and research. This is a beginner-level session; no prior experience necessary.

    Registration: save your seat through Eventbrite

    Date: September 29, 2020 6:30 pm EDT