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Continental Philosophy, to begin broadly, is an apt conceptual category that covers most of my inquiries into philosophy proper although I dabble in Stoic thought in particular, Epictetus, from time to time. Moving on–to the more refined academic interest areas–my range of olid familiarity to expertise can be best categorized as subject-object philosophy, a topic I have explored through early Marx, early and (too a lesser degree Wissenschaft der Logik, later) Hegel, and Lukacs. Topically, I have researched such conceptual areas as reification being-in and being-for, Kantian ethics, aesthetic phenomenology, identity and anomie–and lastly and most importantly–the topic of power in the context of demonstrative collective action, I have researched the role of discursive space in power brokering . I am in the midst of reviewing the seminal texts of Ricuer, Foucault, Arendt and Alain Badiou with particular topical interests in–respectively–memory, power and discourse, structure and agency and ontological questions about the Subject. I am currently writing about the processes contained in the dynamic intersection of state capacity, social upheaval, and the politics of violence. Ultimately, I would like to shed light on the analytic and causal relationship between state retraction, paramilitaries and genocide. These topics I am in the process of testing such topics in the a posteriori, i.e., through a case study assessment into the Syrian uprising and subsequent civil war beginning in 2011 until the present.

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