Eva Fernández

A psycholinguist interested in language, learning, academic technology, and student success

I am a faculty-administrator at Queens College, where I work on student success initiatives and innovation in teaching and learning. I am also interested in language and language processing, especially with bilinguals.

The photo is in a Hittite cave, somewhere in Turkey.

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    Mari, you said:

    >> Eva, you didn’t see me in the audience because it was a great turnout! One thing I thought was about the representativeness of the sample. You probably mentioned something about it, but the respondents of the online survey are obviously relatively tech-savvy and they use computers pretty frequently; they say they want more online/hybrid courses, but do non-respondents, too? What do you think? <<

    Michelle (@mfraboni) and I were very pleased with the turnout! 🙂 It’s hard to know how non-respondents feel about technology, but one of the big insights from our data is that our students are lukewarm about high tech, and are not necessarily relatively tech-savvy. Only slightly more than a quarter of them say they like or love new technologies (the rest say they’re neutral or skeptical). Here’s a link to our slides: http://qc.cuny.edu/?id=70Z9