Boone Gorges

Lead Developer of the CUNY Academic Commons

I am a free software developer, interested in creating tools for individuals and organizations to reclaim their online lives from corporate entities. I am a former graduate student in Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center.

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Digital Research Tools

The DiRT Directory is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use.

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Boone Gorges’s Tools

Boone Gorges uses 5 tools from the DiRT Directory:

  • Anthologize is a WordPress plugin that allows users to outline, order, and edit content into a single volume that can be exported as PDF, TEI or epub.Learn more on

    Used by Matthew K. Gold, Scott Voth, Boone Gorges and 1 other user — Show all users
  • BuddyPress is a variant of WordPress that includes social networking features.Learn more on

    Used by Maura A. Smale, Luke Waltzer, Paige and 8 other users — Show all users
  • CBOX offers a unique suite of features designed to give users of all skill levels the ability to create vibrant online communities. Essentially a WordPress plugin, its intuitive, out-of-the-box set-up tool guides site administrators through each step of installation. Its powerful theme, developed for Commons In A Box in collaboration with PressCrew and their Infinity Theming Engine, lets users fully customize their sites. The plugins it manages are totally configurable from the CBOX dashboard, which controls updates and compatibility issues. The sitewide wiki enables members to collaboratively build a knowledge repository.

    There is a dependency on having a full local or externally hosted wordpress installation availableLearn more on

  • Participad is a WordPress plugin that allows multiple people to edit the same WP content at the same time. Powered by Etherpad Lite, Participad gives you: notepads for collaborative notetaking; synchronous authoring of any content in the WordPress Dashboard; front-end editing. You can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

    Participad has three modules:
    Dashboard – The Dashboard module puts Etherpad editors into the WordPress Dashboard. Participad removes the “Visual” and “HTML” tabs from the standard WP editor, and replaces them with a “Participad” tab.
    Frontend – The Frontend module allows users to edit WordPress content from the front end of your website – no Dashboard required. Participad modifies the Edit links on your posts and pages so that, instead of leading to the Dashboard, the static content of your post is swapped with an editable Etherpad window.
    Notepad – The Notepad module enables a new WordPress Post Type called Notepads. Notepads are collaborative note-taking documents, which can optionally be linked to existing static posts or pages. Participad provides several shortcodes and widgets that make it easy to create new Notepads from the front end of your website.

    N.B. Participad requires a separate Etherpad Lite Installation.Learn more on

  • WordPress is an easy-to-use web publishing platform originally designed around blogging that has now evolved with functionality as a robust content or learning management system, with many themes and plugins for extra functionality.Learn more on

    Used by Xiaozhi Zhu, Maura A. Smale, Kim Holland and 44 other users — Show all users
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