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    Gina Rae Foster - "great faculty turnout for last night’s get-together at the Bronx Ale House! Next up, An Beal Bocht on March 8!"View
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    Position: Director, Teaching and Learning Commons, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    Academic Interests: I am interested in poetry, philosophy, media studies, theory, ethics, aesthetics, music, community and […]
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    College: Kingsborough Community College, CUNY School of Professional Studies
    Title: Professor and Academic Director, Sociology
    Academic Interests: I just stepped down as Academic Director at CUNY SPS, where I have been since 2011, and currently serve as […]
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    College: Queensborough Community College
    Title: Professor
    Academic Interests: Philosophy Philosophy of Religion Applied Ethics Critical Thinking
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    Position: Associate Professor & Chair, German, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: German literature of the 18th-20th centuriesGerman intellectual historyreligion and literature, philosophy […]
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    Position: Instructional Technology Librarian & Associate Professor, Library, LaGuardia Community College
    Academic Interests: free culture, libraries, science fiction, gender, identity, Wikipedia, queer theory, comic books, Samuel R. […]
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    Academic Interests: Judaism, Early Christianity, Comparative Religion, Philosophy of Race, Political Philosophy, Pedagogy, […]
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    Position: Vanier Scholar, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Department of Anthropology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, *Non-CUNY
  • Profile picture of Raymond S. Solga Jr.
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    Positions: Adjunct Librarian, Library (Saint Joseph's College, Brooklyn), *Non-CUNY; Adjunct Libriarian, Library, York College; Adjunct Librarian, Library, Queens College
    Academic Interests: History, Library Science, Library and Information Science, Information Literacy, Philosophy, Ancient His […]
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    Position: Associate Professor, History, Philosophy & Political Science, Kingsborough Community College
    Academic Interests: philosophy buddhism meditation free will contemplative pedagogy philosophy of religion 
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    Positions: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages (French), John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Postdoctoral Digital Learning Fellow, Instructional Technology, Macaulay Honors College
    Academic Interests: 19th Century French Novel Queer Studies Andre Gide Technology and Teaching
  • Profile picture of Carolyn Bratnober
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    Position: Adjunct Reference & Instruction Librarian, NYC College of Technology
    Academic Interests: in libraries: Access services, reference, information-literacy, library instructionresearch areas: Queer […]
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    Position: Outreach Librarian, Library, Bronx Community College
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    College: Lehman College
    Title: Assistant Professor
    Academic Interests: I am interested in religion, migration, immigration,, performance, citizenship, medical anthropology, Latin […]
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    Rhea Benjamin - "Willingham makes the connection that practice serves to enhance memory. As a psychologist, I completely agree with this research based phenomenon. In my own experience, I have learned so much more when I have […]"View
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, Queens College
    Academic Interests: Early Modern Literature Early Modern Religion and Politics Historiography Critical, Queer, and Aesthetic Theory
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    Academic Interests: Africa, Pentecostalism, African traditional religions, African Christianity, Tanzania, semiotics, […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College
    Title: Community Facilitator - CUNY Academic Commons
    Academic Interests: Philosophy and the Body, Contemporary Art, Foucault, Jane Bennett, Apophatic Theology, Geeking out over Ai […]