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    Position: Dissertation Research Librarian, Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: digital scholarship, librarianship, scholarly communication, digital humanities, film studies, American […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: american studies critical university studies 20th century literature cultural studies literary theory, […]
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    Alycia Sellie - "Librarians Against DRM images, created by Nina Paley for the Readers’ Bill of Rights for Digital Books: https://readersbillofrights.info/librariansagainstDRM Please use and share in support of our work!"View
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    Position: Associate Librarian for Collections, Library, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: zines, print culture, alternative publications, american studies, dada, radical librarianship, critical […]
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    Matthew K. Gold - "@leckhardt Welcome to the Commons! Please get in touch if you have any questions."View
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    Positions: Associate Professor of English and Digital Humanities, Ph.D. Program in English, M.A. Program in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center; Executive Officer, M.A. Program in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center; Affiliated Faculty, Certificate Programs in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, American Studies, CUNY Graduate Center; Advisor to the Provost for Master's Programs and Digital Initiatives, Provost's Office, CUNY Graduate Center; Director, CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY Graduate Center; Director, GC Digital Scholarship Lab, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: digital humanities, scholarly communication, open pedagogy, digital rhetoric, and nineteenth-century […]
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    Positions: Professor and Chair, English, Queensborough Community College; Associate Professor, Masters in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: American Literature and Culture Literature and Media American Studies
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    Position: Assistant Professor, Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator, English, Bronx Community College
    Academic Interests: Expository Writing, Writing-Across-the-Curriculum, Hybrid Teaching, Asian American Literature, Contemporary […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Title: Distinguished Professor
    Academic Interests: American literature, American cultural history, American Studies
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    Justin Rogers-Cooper - "About to blog my CUNY@ASA stuff – and wondering whether that happens on my Academic Commons personal page (here?) or whether I need to put it on the Revolutionizing American Studies homepage."View
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    College: LaGuardia Community College
    Title: Assistant Professor
    Academic Interests: nineteenth century novel, American studies, crowds, Marxism, affect
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    Positions: Adjunct Lecturer, Urban Studies, Queens College; GC Digital Fellow, GC Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Profile picture of Kiran Jayaram
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    Position: Assistant Professor, History & Philosophy, York College
    Academic Interests: Within Latin American and Caribbean Studies, his research lies at the intersection of political economy, […]
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    Positions: Graduate student, MALS, CUNY Graduate Center; College Assistant, Admissions, York College
    Academic Interests: U.S. History, African American History, World War II, and Vietnam 
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    Positions: University of California, Davis Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow, American Studies, *Non-CUNY; Digital Fellow, Digital Humanities Initiative, CUNY Graduate Center; Adjunct, Asian American Studies, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Racial State, Environmental Justice, Biopolitics, American Empire, Community Organizing, Social Movements, […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, Queensborough Community College
    Title: Ph.D. Candidate in English
    Academic Interests: 19th-century American literature, Transcendentalism, visual culture, media studies, autobiography, […]
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    College: Queens College
    Title: Associate Professor
    Academic Interests: Early American Literature Circum-Altantic Studies American Studies
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    Positions: Associate Professor, English, Hunter College; Co-Director, ACERT (Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching), Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Literary modernismAmerican studies Documentary in literature and filmDigital Humanities
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    Position: Assistant Professor, English, Borough of Manhattan Community College