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Theory of Writing

December 13, 2019 in

Throughout this semester, I have learned to adjust my writing style to accommodate  each assignment. However, in every piece i wanted the essay to be both entertaining and informative. When addressing a source based piece, I would make an extensive outline before looking for any documents because I need sources that fit my narrative. By looking for sources secondarily, it gives me more control over the stance, thus giving me more ethos in the perspective of the audience. I always tried to address my audience in a professional, but simple and understandable tone, but I imagine potential readers to be adults. I used descriptive language to persuade and depict the purpose of the piece, whether it was merely informative, persuasive or argumentative. However, this depends on genre, because in some mediums text space is limited. when writing captions or poem, the diction must be pungent , while research papers can have more extensive descriptions. I tried to accommodate each medium appropriate by brainstorming potential topic points, layout and other tidbits through an outline. This way I was never guessing about what to write next and the topic had continuity.

I try to follow these principles when addressing any sort of writing assignment, but it also helped getting the feedback of my peers. When a section was too vague or difficult to understand, their suggestions were helpful n order to portray my ideas clearly on the page. this was helpful when revising and revisiting my work to polish my style. This course has definitely taught me how to be more organized in my writing structure and in my process.