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Summary And Response Essay w/reflection

December 13, 2021 in

Somaiya Sime 

Professor Alyssa Yankwitt 

FIQWS 10008 



Lectures I and “The Yellow Wallpaper” are very similar to each on the main idea. Lecture I, given by Freud at Clerk University in Massachusetts, exposes how Dr.Breuer’s attitude toward the hysteria patients. Hysteria is a type of illness that is caused for nervousness. It is mostly related to metal unstable. On the other hand, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is similar, where the narrator is also talking about getting stressed and nervous. Yes, I think “The Yellow Wallpaper” illustrates Freud’s criticism of most doctors because the patients of hysteria and narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” have similar symptoms of nervousness.


As Freud on Lecture, I much information about the hysteria patient he describes the attitude of the doctors to act and treat them like normal organ deceased patients. According to the lecture I state that “medical assistance is improved in essentials by the fact that a diagnosis of hysteria has been substituted for one of severe organic disease of the brain.” (Paragraph 1-page 2201). As it is claimed by doctors that as the hysteria patient who has symptoms of “suffered from a rigid paralysis, accompanied by loss of sensation, of both extremities on the right side of her body; and the same trouble from time to time affected her on her left side. Her eye movements were disturbed, and her power of vision was subject to numerous restrictions. She had difficulties over the posture of her head; she had a severe nervous cough” (page 220).  Although this has been mostly a mental unitability illness they are treating it as an organ brain disease. This can be a fewer part that is related to brain diseases but mostly the patients are suffering from mental unstable. As for Dr.Breuer’s attitude was a bit of the opposite. “Dr. Breuer’s attitude towards his patient deserved no such reproach. He gave her both sympathy and interest, even though, to begin with, he did not know how to help her.” Although he did know how to treat or help the patient he was willing to help out. Similarly, in “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the narrator mentions how she has a very contradictory relationship with her husband (John). John is very concerned about her health/ Illness or nervousness although she doesn’t appreciate the idea of a physician.  On “The Yellow Wallpaper” it mentions that “I get unreasonably angry with John sometimes. I’m sure I never used to be so sensitive. I think it is due to this nervous condition. But John says if I feel so, I shall neglect proper self-control; so, I take pains to control myself before him, at least, and that makes me very tired. (page648). This describes the wife’s attitude towards John. Although she’s suffering from nervousness, she does not believe in the solutions given by the physician. This brings to the connection between Lecture I and The Yellow Wallpaper of criticism. The doctor’s criticism against the hysteria patient to be a normal organ disease patient and the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” being treated like a regular patient where narrator herself find her peaceful mind on writing whenever she’s around the mentally irritated place, in this case, it was “The Yellow Wallpaper”. As it mentions in the text “We have been here two weeks, and I haven’t felt like writing before, since that first day. I am sitting by the window now, up in this atrocious nursery, and there is nothing to hinder my writing as much as I please, save lack of strength”. This shows the criticism between both text, doctors and Dr.Brueres attitude towards the patient and narrators attitude towards the husband.


To sum up, this concept of criticism of Freud between the doctors and “The Yellow Wallpaper” because, the patients of hysteria and narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” have similar symptoms of nervousness. 

Somaiya Sime

FIQWS 10108

Von Uhl


In the summary response essay, the genre that has been used was speech and narrative. As we read the Freud lectures the genre for that is a speech and The Yellow Wallpaper was narrative. This makes the essay both Speech and Narrative.  In this essay, I wrote about the summary for most doctors’ attitudes towards the patients and summarize Bruere’s attitude towards the patients. Also, I wrote the connection between The Yellow Wallpaper and Freud’s lecture. In this essay, I accomplished writing the thesis which was most hard about the essay to write about. I struggled and took the longest time to write the thesis for the essay because a summary and argumentative essay thesis are most important.  I hope to accomplish was connecting to both texts. Finding the quote for the prompt was my hardest hope.    The audience for the essay was my peers and professor. For my context, I use formal words and simple ways to explain my explanation in the essay. It was mostly about the connections and the quote explanation was clear as I think. One of the goals I found for the next essay would be mostly to focus on a strong thesis and also, I would like to focus on the explanation of the quote to be more precise. This Summary response essay format was one of the starting and learning processes of how you can start and follow the concept of an essay format. I would focus on the wording and transition words.