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Self worth

November 22, 2022 in

A hot summer day
The sun kissing my skin dry
Your eyes catch my eyes

I fall in your hands
You are not sure of yourself
A feeling hard to ignore

The heart had no brain
Eager to have your heart join
At last, your touch cried for my touch

Wonderful it was
Souls bonding with each other
Fingers locked under cotton

Finger tips let loose
“I cannot do this”, you say
CRACK I hear my shield

Months ran through the year
I ran through your head during
I pulled my hand away

I stretch my arms out
I escape this blinding fog
Loving him? or loving me?

A whisper in ear
Covering my myself, I walk
No longer yearning

A treasure I am
Into my arms I go further
Deserving I am

My eyes meet my eyes
A beautiful sight
Deserving the world