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A trip to Peru

November 22, 2022 in

I step out of the back seat of the car our friend picked us up from.

The Peruvian air shifting on my face, the Peruvian weather welcoming me back like an old pal.

The ambiance of Peru always smelt of burning wood, it was like a constant barbecue was going on in this place. I’m not complaining, just so you know.

I turned my head to look around my childhood neighborhood, I see our Peruvian friends coming out of their house with giant Peruvian smiles stuck on their faces, their Peruvian eyebrows raised, their Peruvian eyes widen and their arms holding out for a Peruvian hug.

My mother hugs her best friend and begins to cry tears of joy.

It has been 27 years since my mother has seen her. It has been 25 years since I have been to my mother land.

No matter how long it has been, I will never forget how close the houses are.

These Peruvian houses are wide, made of brick and cement.

These Peruvian houses are accompanied with a big porch that you may make it as a home to your car.

I remember sitting on this porch from my old Peruvian home, blowing bubbles, laughing, enjoying my childhood innocence that even little balls that are made out of soap and water made my brightest days.

I remember when I got stung by a Peruvian wasp on this porch.

I was minding my business, sitting in a box, most likely making myself laugh, then I hear a buzzing noise.

Its buzzing next to me like a dentist drilling my cavities. I was terrified of dentists at this age.

I remember meeting up my friends in front of our houses.

Our wide Peruvian houses has a big park right across from our homes where we played every day until the day went to the night.

Until we saw the moon welcoming in to the sky.

Until our Peruvian mothers called us in for dinner.

I remember the skies being mildly full of stars and the big moon staring at us as if it was urging us to go home. Many buildings have popped up in Peru ever since I have been gone.

New shopping centers, new commercial buildings and apartment buildings are surrounding the old super markets that used to populate my town.

But no matter the circumstances, Peru will always be my home.

It will always welcome me with open Peruvian arms.

Self worth

November 22, 2022 in

A hot summer day
The sun kissing my skin dry
Your eyes catch my eyes

I fall in your hands
You are not sure of yourself
A feeling hard to ignore

The heart had no brain
Eager to have your heart join
At last, your touch cried for my touch

Wonderful it was
Souls bonding with each other
Fingers locked under cotton

Finger tips let loose
“I cannot do this”, you say
CRACK I hear my shield

Months ran through the year
I ran through your head during
I pulled my hand away

I stretch my arms out
I escape this blinding fog
Loving him? or loving me?

A whisper in ear
Covering my myself, I walk
No longer yearning

A treasure I am
Into my arms I go further
Deserving I am

My eyes meet my eyes
A beautiful sight
Deserving the world

Alien mask

November 22, 2022 in

A scream scratching my ears making it’s way to my

Brain, poking at my paranoid side with it’s sharpness.

Calling out to me from the gloomy

Dark hallway outside my room, I begin to walk into the darkness

Energy of the fear alarms my arm hairs from their sleep.

Following the scream I dare to chase, I

Gather my terror into a ball, swallow it and

Hold my chest as I push the door.

I scream like a maniac at the top of my lungs

Jumping out of my body I fall to the floor.

Knife slashing, feet stomping, alien mask wearing murderer. I run away trying to

Look where to go.

My hands are clutching together and hoping for the best, I

Notice an aluminum bat by a dresser down below.

Oh, I know I can take this son of a bitch down now but

Please, I rather not fight!

Quickly I go inside a coat closet,

Really holding on to this bat I pray, “not tonight”

Suddenly my ears are bothered by

Terrors coming from the outside after a long silence. Hearing splatter, guts falling on the floor and horrified screams, I get

Up cautiously still gripping into my bat with some pride.

Very silent now, I tip toe my way out. The floors squeaking from old wood, I begin to

Worry. My eyes wide with the sight of

X’s marked on the wall. What is this? Blood?

Yelling, Outside I hurry

Zero people. No human in sight.


November 22, 2022 in

I adore when my cat’s fur dazzles like a beautiful onyx underneath the summer sun.

I adore when my boyfriend uses his arms like a shield. Protecting me from worries and trauma.

I adore when the condiments of a juicy burger splatter on my taste buds like a Pollock painting.

I adore when my body feels like the world is alright when I lay down after a rewarding shower.

I adore when reassurance is present when I do not look for it

I adore when my mind screams creativity to my hands and they begin to flow on to the paper


I adore when the scent of delicious hearty hot soup melts the icy cold in my nostrils.

I adore when I laugh hard enough that I begin to feel heavy amounts of tears gushing out of my water line and my lungs have malfunctioned for a moment.

I adore when my pants hug me perfectly on my hips like a puzzle piece.

I adore when I am comforted with warm blankets full of optimism.

I adore when the sun peaks through my window and gives me a wave after a long gray day

I adore when the taste of passion fruit brushes up against my inner cheeks from sourness. The echoing of the seeds crunching between my teeth.

I adore when the deep growls of a cello is heard in music.

I adore when my voice locks with the flow of the singer when singing along to my favorite song.

I adore the feel of these keyboards click clacking as I type every word on this piece.

2 Compositions- Poem and Cartoon

December 13, 2019 in

Composition 1- Poem

Maria’s Lament

I remember
the blinding light glaring on the ceiling
Consciousness going under
in my hospital bed
Something was taken from me

I remember
playing in the green tomato vines
My childhood wonder
came when I had to work to cover
The little we had

I remember what they said on the radio and T.V.
Commenting, jeering
Suppressing my people
But how was I to know that my flesh and blood
Would be a damnation for hypocrites
In well tailored suits. 

I work, I eat, I pray
Of what threat was I?
The there of giving life to more trouble,
More burdens.

I remember
When the stole my virgin fruit
lying to keep me put
To be sterilized, my will dying
Something as taken from me.
I remember. 


Composition 2- Cartoon