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Climate Change narrative essay.

December 11, 2021 in

Everyday we hear these two words “ climate change” either in the news ( TV) or some social media apps and some of us care and others it’s what it is. Climate change can be described simply as a change in weather over a period of time but the truth is it has destroyed many lives, killed thousands,  wild life included  and it is at your door at the moment. Humans have created a monster that is bigger than any we ever faced; yes you heard right we are destroying ourselves.


Climate change affects our health by increasing water and air pollution which increase the risk of respiratory disease. These are caused  by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and farming. With an increase in the earth’s planet due to global warming, there is likely to be an increase in poor air quality which can also increase complications from underlying diseases like asthma and renal failure. None of this is a prediction but something that is already happening.  For example, in my own case my sister who is 22 years old and has been dealing with asthma  since she was 7 years old, has noticed that over the past 5 years it has gotten worse. Now she is unable to do some jobs which has caused her a lot of problems and our family has  suffered  financially for quite some time  because we all chip in to provide for everyone. A likely reason for the severity of her disease  could be the increase of pollution in the air, water and increase in ocean temperature caused by climate change. Not too long ago I was wondering to myself how  come I don’t see any stars in the sky because I was comparing it to back when I was in  Africa (Togo). To be honest it bothers me a lot not just the difference but the fact that  I came to realize that late; human activities have destroyed little things like this that brought us memories of the past. ( Some people want to see their favorite wild life, some want to visit historical places and some have their small but beautiful homes destroyed.)


Furthermore climate change is affecting wildlife which is also harming our society  indirectly because wildlife and ocean  animals are very important to our society. These animals produce sustainability in our society, help our economy and provide us with food. Many people still depend on wildlife for their food and primary source of income, and a decrease in wildlife will affect their economy severely. For instance let’s talk about countries such Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique which are all part of the coastal east of Africa. These countries depend on the region’s natural resources—clean freshwater, and abundant fish and wildlife. To ensure the future of the people living there, the resources need to be protected.


Climate change is causing havoc to people’s livelihood. Due to the rise in sea level, a lot of people are moving from places and leaving their precious home behind. Places filled with their childhood memories because of man made climate change. Climate change increases the intensity of weather disasters like hurricanes which have killed thousands of people and made others homeless. Just recently there was flooding in New York and  New Jersey that killed some people and others got injured. These phenomena won’t stop any time soon and I’m afraid to say it’s probably too late as studies have shown that with the frequent occurrence of flooding and  hurricanes which provides more rain thus increasing sea level, many countries will continue to suffer major flooding. One recent study that was conducted by climate central using analytical data, shows that by the year 2050 major cities such London, Bruges ( belgium),  tabasco ( mexico) bahamas and more are projected to be underwater.



If we are worrying about aliens destroying our planet then we have created one already. Climate change is knocking on your door to get in and it is up to you and us to make sure we don’t let it in. Climate change is destroying our planet, threatening our health,  it has killed many of our people, thrown many of us to poverty, and destroyed  our homes. So my people we have to lock our door and fight for ourselves.