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Exploratory Essay Reflection

December 13, 2021 in

Exploratory Essay Reflection 

Somaiya Sime

FIQWS 10108

Prof Von Uhl


         This exploratory essay was very helpful after getting peer review. This paper I wrote in the format of an argumentative essay. This means I argued how we can see “A Country Doctor” by Franz Kafka through a Freudian lens. Peer reviewing gave me the opportunity to see my writing from a different view. Such as fixing the things like wording, amount of textual evidence that was given in my essay. As well as transitioning throughout the essay. This assignment helped me to realize the base of argumentative essays with one text with another. Although this essay was mostly argumentative it allowed me to give my own point of view of both texts.  This essay made me analyze texts in more depth. For me to argue with the Freudian lens, I analyzed the text A Country Doctor where it let me connect with the lens of Freud more easily. This exploratory Essay gave another perspective of how you can analyze one text through another. This helped me to be better at writing upcoming essays. I will look out of wording and transition words such as when I write textual evidence and give my own perspective of the reading. One of the problems I will also fix when I write an essay is to put less evidence but stronger ones. Lastly, I will look out for all the missing formats that I missed throughout; I’ll try to fulfill them for my next essay. One of them is Punctuations, staying on point of what I am writing in the essay. Not going overboard with the evidence only rather have a mix of everything like a flavorful jell-O.