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Source Based Essay- Eugenics

December 13, 2019 in

Therese Rubi
English Composition
Professor Falk-Gee

Eugenics Research Paper

Everyone goes to the doctor. We all get cuts, bruises and the occasional cold, and there’s a whole system in place to keep us healthy. However, how much do we know about this system? Although we complain about our healthcare system, the origins of how it came to be are more shocking than you may think. Since before the Civil War, the American healthcare system has perpetuated the same racist, sexism and bigoted notions as our fore fathers. Not only are these notions wrong, they are dangerous. These falsehoods are rooted in Eugenics. This toxic ideology has not only a stain on our history but presents us with a modern dilemma as well. From philosophers and surgeons of old to your local pediatrician, we should understand the dark underbelly of how health works in America.


Before we can understand the impact Eugenics has had, we must first understand what it means. Put simply, Eugenics, directly translated as “well-born”, is the practice of manipulating the human genome to rid of defects and undesired traits in order to create a more perfect human race. This practice has existed since the dawn of civilization, being traced back to Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle (Galton, 1) who advocated for social purification. However, the term was coined in the late nineteenth century by Sir Francis Galton. Galton, known by many as the Father of Eugenics, was a cousin of Charles Darwin, and applied Darwin’s theory of evolution to modern society. The ideology of Social Darwinism was popular during the Gilded Age and was reflected in Western legislation and politics (Bynum, The childless father of Eugenics). Many notable historical figures advocated for the ideology, including Marie Stopes, Theordore Roosevelt, Hellen Keller and H.G. Wells. The rising popularity of this “progressive movement” gave an excuse for the elite and wealthy to maintain a toxic hierarchy, furthering the “ survival of the fittest” mentality. The first Eugenics Records Office was established in 1911 under the Carnegie Institution, its purpose being to track “familial pedigree, case studies and indexed records”( Ummel, Dream or nightmare?…). The ERO, led by biologist Charles Davenport, took particular interest in families from minority, immigrant or impoverished demographics, deeming all unacceptable and deprived behavior such as alcoholism, criminality, promiscuity, insanity etc. to be a factor of their genes. 


In order to combat this perceived threat and uphold the Anglo upper class, Eugenic Congresses would convene, discussing possible ‘solutions’. These solutions often took the form of horrid immigration laws, marital legistaltion, sterilization and abortion targeted towards the ‘feeble minded’ and ‘undesired’ populations. In 1922, ERO Director Harry H. Laughlin assisted Congress in passing sterilization laws, which forced sterilization of specifics individuals identified by the government as “insane, criminals, epileptics, alcoholics, blind persons, deaf persons, deformed persons, and the dependent, including orphans, tramps, paupers and the homeless” (Ummel, Dream or nightmare?). To test the constitutionality of the state-funded castrations, in 1927 the Supreme Court took on the case of Buck v. Bell. Carrie Buck, a 17 year old girl was diagnosed as “mentally infirm” and was sterilized ,without her nor her mothers consent, after giving birth to her infant daughter. Despite the evident injustice, it was decided that compulsory sterilization was constitutionally justified  under the proceedings of the case (Day, How the Supreme Court…)  In a statement written by Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes, who was one of the Supreme Court Judges present for the hearings he wrote “Three generations of imbeciles are enough”. These proceedings would later be used by Nazi lawyers to defend gruesome experimentation programs in Nuremburg. 


As a direct result of this Supreme Court case, eighteen states passed laws leading to the forced sterilization of at least 64,000 Americans. Many may claim “if only reproductive rights had been stronger, these travesties could’ve been avoided!”. On the contrary, pioneers of the sexual revolution also advocated for the sterilization and abortion of minority, immigrant and impoverished communities. Pioneers such as Margret Sanger, whom founded the Birth Control review, and later, Planned Parenthood, was especially spiteful against black and Catholic communities. In 1920, it was recorded that she wrote “We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro Population” (Conley, Margret Sanger) in a letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble whom was a reputable doctor and fellow eugenist. Contraception and abortion was marketed towards ‘overpopulated’ communities because the birth rates of the white upper class were declining (Messinger, birth control). Women’s Rights activists such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Claflin claimed that the normalization of abortion and contraception was to assist women, while is was in fact controlling them, controlling whom was allowed to have children, damning women to a new slavery. 


To further the crimes committed in the name of Eugenics, the same methods that were championed by people like Sanger and Laughlin were utilized by monsters like Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Josef Mengale. In Hitler’s writings, he praised America’s racist immigration, sterilization and marital legislation, going so far as to mention the strong anti-miscegenation laws found in the South. The work done in Nazi camps and laboratories even seemed to remotely mimick the experiments done by J. Marion Sims on slave women in Pre-Civil America. Known as the Father of Gynecology, Marion’s grotesque and dehumanizing surgical practices may seem moderate in comparison to the horrors committed in camps like Burgen Belson and Auschwitz (Lombardo, The American Breed). In the camp Ravensbruck, which was populated only by women, experimentation was rampant, and some procedures were so gruesome that select files are not available for public consumption. One experiment that was common was like so:a wound was deliberately sliced into a subjects calf, then injected with multiple virulent bacterial infections, then tested with drugs. “The operations consisted of breaking up, dissecting and grafting bones, muscles and nerves.” (Leszczynski, Experimental Operations…)Those who didn’t die of infection or unbearable pain were left permanently deformed. Not to mention the experiments done on twins, infants and the handicapped. The war crimes are innumerable. 


Thankfully after the 1950s, the term Eugenics became a dirty word due to its associated with the Nazis, but it is still practiced today. Even under a different name, the weak and undesired are still being targeted by the government and the elite. Forced sterilization of American Indian, Latina and Black women continued to occur in as late as the 1980s. In 1970, ten Mexican women sued the Los Angeles County for coercing them into sterilization, in the case of Madrigal v. Quilligan (Manian, 1) however, this is just one case. In addition, the statistics are astronomical; for example, from 1929 to 1974, 7600 girls were sterilized in North Carolina, 40% being Black (Nittle, The U.S. Government’s Role…). Not to mention Native women, including one young native girl for whom a routine vaccination turned into a nightmare.


I had been sterilized at the age of eleven, at the IHS [Indian Health Service I hospital here in the early 1950s. I got married in the 1960s and I went to the doctor and he told me that I had a partial hysterectomy. [When I was a child] they were giving us vaccinations and mine got infected and a nurse came and gave me some kind of shot so I wouldn’t hurt. When I woke up my stomach was hurting and I was bleeding (Woman speaking on radio show, “Native America Calling,” 2002) (Carpio, The Lost Generation). 


Such inhumane treatment of women has only one explanation: the government has tried repeatedly to commit genocide against its own people. If we kill and harm the innocent, we have no hope as a nation. 


We are still in danger of similar victimization despite the fact that we live in a technological advanced first world country. In our hospitals, young black mothers are being under treated, old people are being euthanized, babies are made in test tubes while other babies are murdered and thrown in a trash bin. Who decides the value of an individual? Are rich families more valuable than poor families? Are white babies more valuable than Mexican babies? You may be saying “of course not!” but your tax dollars say otherwise. In 2018, the US Government gave Planned Parenthood 563.8 million dollars in reimbursement and grants (Planned This is the same organization that proactively supported Eugenics in the past and continues to do so today. According to the 2010 Census, 79% of surgical abortion clinics were within walking distance of Black and Hispanic neighborhoods and 54% of medically under served areas ( Waychoff, NY Rep. Maloney…).This means that rather than providing minority communities a proper hospital and resources, the government allows the vacancy to be compensated by a third party that seeks to limit their population. Those millions of reimbursement dollars should go to facilities that provide prenatal care, postpartum care, ultrasounds, and pediatric care, just to name a few. The abortion rate is almost 3 times higher among black women and the black infant mortality rate is 10.97% because they are not supported by our government (Eligon, When’Black Lives Matter’...). These statistics are a disgusting miscarriage of justice on our own people. The mentality that poor women and minority women are ‘unfit’ to procreate is evident in the data. Yet other women are so privileged that they can pick build their dream baby.


Although many women are dissuaded and manipulated into having less children, other women will go to tremendous, even immoral lengths to conceive. While a plethora of infertility treatments are available for men and women, the most controversial method is in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, is when an egg and a sperm are combined in a petri dish rather than through intercourse or artificial insemination. Each round of IVF can be as expensive at $15,000, with a success rate of only 4% for women over forty. Before we can dissect the ethics of IVF, we must first understand the process: there are 5 main steps.


1). Drugs and tests are given to stimulate the woman’s body into producing more than one egg (superovulation) 

2).  Follicular aspiration is performed, which is a surgery to remove the eggs from the woman’s ovaries

3).  Multiple healthy eggs are then inseminated and stored in a controlled chamber

4). The fertilized should begin to grow, and will be monitored by clinic staff. Often each frozen embryo will be screened for disorders or diseases to select which will be ideal for implantation.

5). Embryos are then inserted into the woman’s womb, often multiple at a time. This can possibly result in twins, triplets, etc. If the embryo becomes embedded into the lining of the uterus, pregnancy results. Unused embryos can be disposed, donated, or refrozen. (Medline Plus)

This technology is unmistakable eugenic. Wealthy couples who are naturally unable to conceive force nature to heed to the will of science. These test-tube babies are often hand-picked by parents. The sex, hair color, eye color and other characteristics can be chosen through modifying DNA fragments. The purpose of ‘designer babies’ is to create a child with specific, superior traits, leaving babies considered ‘unfit’ are thrown into the trash once again. Researchers have a different perspective, Dr John Zhang, CEO of New Hope Fertility Center states ““Gene editing currently exists in nature. Evolution is constantly editing our genes, but very slowly” (NHFC). Humans change over time, but a select very flawed scientists shouldn’t feel compelled to accelerate this change. Galton, Himmler and countless others have attempted this method, ‘to better humanity’, but all it does is kill the innocent. The same ideology used by the Nazis to create the ‘Ubermensch’ is being used to create ‘designer babies’. An ideology that veils truth with scientific jargon and self-righteous justification. Those frozen embryos are not static objects, those frozen embryos are people, they are babies imprisoned and awaiting their fate. Like the unborn infants of poor and minority women, what force determines who is good enough to live? What deems a child ‘unfit’? For example, in Iceland and Denmark , 100% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero are aborted (Quinones, Lajka, ‘What kind of society…’). 

The government is permitting the systematic annihilation of innocents. Scientists and politicians have a twisted idea of perfection, of utopia, and we are allowing them to change our society to fit a cruel image. 


And on top of all the travesties that have occurred in our past, present, and into the foreseeable future, there are millions of beautifully imperfect children waiting to be adopted. The fortunate survivors of abortion, why aren’t the hundreds of thousands of dollars sunk into IVF dedicated to the children that are already here? Once again we see the symptoms of racial purification in our midst. According to USC Fertility, 91% of IVF participants were Caucasion (USC Fertility), while American whites only consist of 62% of our entire population (Census Bureau). As of 2017 213,000 rounds of IVF treatment were conducted (Fox, A Million Babies) while 442, 995 children sat in foster care, 100,607 of those children being black (AFCARS Foster Care Data Release). The disparity is clear in the statistics. Our government and our institutions don’t care about blacks, especially not their children. Wealthy individuals perpetuate the notion that minorities are inferior than their clean, well kept children. Adoption may not be as glamorous as having your own baby, but its a beautiful donation of oneself. However, its better to be an orphan than never to have existed at all, like all the unborn babies aborted or left in a freezer. Adoption gives a child a chance, an opportunity, it puts money into the true donation of another. Investing in the well being of a child that not your own. Protecting them, loving them, choosing them is just as rewarding and noble as biological parenthood, if not more. Women carry within them miracle of life not only bodies but in their hearts, so why squander priceless time to indulge in something that will likely be unsuccessful and damaging?  Parenthood is a costly endeavor, but we shouldn’t think that killing and manipulating children will make it easier. 


Despite the harshness of the subject matter, it is fundamental to be compassionate dissenting opinion of my opposition. When addressing sterilization, abortion, IVF and Nazis, people tend to react strongly. I understand the immense struggle that women face when addressing their motherhood. And with this struggle comes with the truth that society has failed us. Women should never feel pressured or victimized, they should feel safe to prosper, no matter the context of one’s situation. But we should also be truthfully aware of our tendency to be selfish. It is easier to say ‘no’ to a challenge than adapt to it, its easier to tolerate a problem than fix it, but we live in a time that vehemently hates women, children and minorities. People bellow racism and sexism, in the media, but this is a distraction from the true crime. This hatred lies in silence. The silence found in doctors offices, in abortion clinics, in laboratories, in city hall. It also lies in the silent screams of aborted babies, frozen embryos, and twiddling mental health of young mothers. The secrets and cowardice that organizations like Planned Parenthood possess to oppress us. No one mentions all the people whom were meant to be, the people whom we will never meet because they were stripped of the most fundamental human right: Life. 


Many would see contradictions in my position, that I am proactively demolishing the values I claim to uphold, but I digress. I do not believe access to abortion, contraceptives and IVF bring women new freedom, I believe it makes a modern slavery. A slavery to men that wish to sexually deprive women while bearing none of the consequences. A slavery to men who wish to control the population through the facade of freedom. Historically, these reproductive revelations were always utilized to victim women in the most degenerate fashion, and I sternly believe that has not changed. I support that fact that every human, no matter how deformed, defective and diseased, is entitled to dignity from conception to natural death.


As a populous, the term Eugenics has been obliterated. It sought to destroy the messy beauty of diversity and destroy the value of the individual. Although the villains of the past have been defeated, it is our turn to fight against the silent genocide. Fight against the government’s notions of normalcy and person hood. The same people who claim to champion our rights are the first to take them away. It doesn’t matter if you are Black, white, or a purple Asian, we are fighting the same evil. Humans have and always will be flawed, racist, bigoted creatures, however, we must persist. You may despise my position, but I you are able to ponder on reproductive technology and see a different perspective. Get a glimpse of the ruse, because it is our turn to draw our swords and defend the blood of the innocent. 




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Inquiry Based Essay- Cults

December 13, 2019 in

Therese Rubi
English Database Research Paper
Professor Falk 


Everyone has their own beliefs and morals. Whether you’re a devout Buddhist, Pastafarian or Agnostic, religion can often seem like a strange endeavor when you’re on the outside looking in. However weird certain religions may seem, the detriment of cults are far more extreme. Although a conversational taboo, cults seek the vulnerable and prey on their insecurity. By controlling every aspect of ones life, cults are parasitic entities that often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Using the CCNY database, these sources were collected to show the toxic impact cults and heretical indoctrination has had on our society, especially among the youth. 


Sun Myung Moon/ Biography

This biographical essay, published by the Encyclopedia of World Biographies, is the story of Sun Myung Moon, the late cult leader and founder of the Moonies. Moon was born in South Korea in 1920 (died 1970) to a peasant family. His family was Christian, and as a teenager he claimed to have been visited by Jesus Christ to continue His mission to save mankind. After World War II, Moon began seriously preaching, but was arrested and set free multiple times for heresy. During this time, he began writing the movements holy book, later known as the Divine Principle, while simultaneously growing his church called The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. His following was gaining momentum in Korea and Japan. After one failed marriage, Moon married a parishioner, and years later he moved to the U.S., where he furthered his career by doing tours, lectures, gaining even more momentum, especially among youth. However, despite growing influence, Moon’s church was growing critics as well. One such man was Ted Patrick, whom wanted to save and reinstate those fallen victims to cults via kidnapping occult members and giving them intense therapy.However, due to legal action and twiddling numbers, Patrick ceased. One vital aspect of the Moonies was the institution of marriage, completely dictated by Moon himself, and instating peculiar and controlling doctrine on followers. According to the article, Moon and his elite members were very philanthropic, but were accused of tax evasion and other malicious crimes in 1980. Although the Moonies still exist, after Moon’s accusations and death, the numbers are minimal.

The purpose of this biography is simply to inform, and the tone of the author is clear, direct and cordial, sympathizing with Moon and his cult. However, the author is misleading and bias, although it is very subtle. According to other sources, Moon was a sexual deviant, participating in and enforcing bizarre sexual rituals, as well as forcing and arranging arranged marriages. Former members said that he preached insane doctrine, such as claiming Hitler and Stalin endorsed Moon and his plan for salvation. He also became a multimillionaire because he treated the cult as an enterprise, using free labor to make his money. The author fails to mention his manipulation tactics as well as blasphemy against genuine Christianity and Confucianism. Based on all this selectively excluded information, i am going to conclude the author was trying to purposely trying to mislead the audience into sympathy with the controlling cult. 


Adolescent attraction to cults/ Scholarly Article

This article delves into how teenagers become attracted to cults as a result of ambiguity and isolation from their family, society and a sense of community. Adolescence is a confusing time, but is also vital for understanding and developing one’s identity. For the first time, a young person will seek out the truth and attempt to form opinions of their own, often counter to what they perceive as the enemy. The perceived enemy differs from generation to generation, but nonetheless, each new generation seeks to facilitate reform and thus ‘rebel’. However, this constant fight against societal patterns can make many teenagers feels estranged from a sense of stability, which often originates from an unhealthy home life. As a result,teens can be easily susceptible to fall into gangs or cults because they give a structural ideal that feels similar to a family. The world is chaotic and confusing, in particular to those unable to cope with its intricacies, thus, cults create a concise yet controlling environment for a teenager. In the search for recognition, the teen falls victim to a manipulative and outlandish ploy. Often cults seek to accumulate power and wealth, which is what differentiates it institutionally from religion and sects. Cults prey on youth because of their undeveloped sense of self and unconscious immaturity. One line that was extremely pungent was the young adults have not achieved the balance of experience and maturity that would enable them to sort truth from illusion and reality from fantasy in all situations.” The author cautioned counselors, teachers, and especially parents that they  should be wary of the possibility of cult indoctrination among youth. It is our responsibility to be proactive and detect early warning signs of cult associated like behavioral or maneuristic changes. responsibility Cults prey on youth because of their undeveloped sense of self and unconscious immaturity. 


The tone of the author is sympathetic and informative, conveying the information to the general public in the most respectful method possible. The author seems especially focused on informing care-giving adults about cult indoctrination. The author does not accuse teenagers of being stupid, adults of being neglectful, or religious groups for being manipulative, but instead presents a realistic and rational defense meant to protect violitile youth. The author warns of the dangers that come with feeling alienated in a discombobulated world.


‘Scientology’ Finale Tackles Sexual Assault/News paper

The news report, written by Jenny Cohen from USA Today, explains the difficult controversies surrounding the finale of Leah Remini’s show ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ finale, which addresses rape allegations against Danny Masterson. To give some context, Scientology is a cult that was founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950’s and is a multi million dollar conglomerate today, after years of manipulating people and families to join. Although the IRS has given Scientology religious tax-exemption status, it is categorized as a cult under the definition. The show ‘Scientology and its Aftermath’ is hosted by Leah Remini and Mark Rinder, who were once very vocal and active members of the church, but have now left as a result of Scientology’s brutality and manipulation against them and its members internationally. According to the report, actresses Crissie Brixler, Bobette Riales and two other anonymous women “filed a lawsuit against Masterson and the Church of Scientology, claiming they engaged in stalking, invasion of privacy and conspiracy to obstruct justice, among other allegations, according to the complaint obtained by The Hollywood Reporter and HuffPost”. All four women recalled accounts of rape during the course of their romantic relationship with Masterson, and according to Bixler and Riales, when brought to Scientology authorities about the assaults, they tried to convince the women it was not rape because it within the confines of a ‘consensual relationship’. And when When the women attempted to go to authorities, they were ostracized and targeted by the Church for taking legal action. The Church of Scientology and Masterson vehemently rebuke the claims, calling Remini’s show is a perverted distortion of Scientology beliefs. The women are still proceeding with their legal action, and Remini has responded to the Churches consistent slander by retorting “Rest assured, Scientology, that this is not the end, this is just the beginning”.
The journalist has a very formal, unfeeling tone to her writing, but instead leans heavily on quotes, anecdotal evidence and facts to tell the story for her. She uses points of view from both opposing forces, allowing the reader to form an opinion. Although the report’s (and Leah Remini’s show) purpose is to inform, both the show and the article entertain the audience with the sensational spectacle. With the rise of the MeToo movement and expanding openness of sexual abuse, the audience is forced to sympathize with the alleged victims, despite no personal input from the reporter.The audience would be mostly adults, perhaps especially those whom are or were members of Scientology. The reporter nicely ties the narrative together without fluff or deliberate bias, conveying a horrible story about one of the world’s most powerful cults. 

Children of God cult was ‘Hell on Earth’/ Internet Source

The testimonial, recorded by Steven Brocklehurst, tells the story of Verity Carter, a survivor of ‘The Children of God’ cult (known today as The Family International). Founded by David Berg in the 1960s, the main doctrine of the cult is “God was love and love was sex, so there should be no limits, regardless of age or relationship.” With members all over the world, at least ten of thousands of children have been abused by cult members, including babies. One such child was Verity, whom was born into the cult. She recalls being sexual abused by her father and at least four other adults. Verity and her siblings were not only subjected to abuse but to a regimented cruelty. Any minor transgressions were met with a disproportionate amount of recourse, eliminating any ounce of imagination or normalcy within the children. Verity was also taught how to manipulate people, especially social workers, when asked difficult questions about her living situation. Isolated from the whole world, Verity and her siblings had no formal education and were miserably ill prepared to handle life outside. At age fifteen, Verity was able to official escape, leaving all her fear beyond, now indifferent to any punishment. She recalled, “When I got out it was because it no longer mattered if death waited for me in the outside world because I already wanted to die, so how much worse could it be?” She moved in with her dad briefly, whom had left the cult a few years prior, but stormed left after another attempted abuse by her father. So she left, going to different houses, coping with her past through drugs and alcohol. Seven years later, she came out against those who abused her, leading to her father’s conviction and reconnecting with her brothers and sisters. Although her mother is still active in the cult, she continues to sort out her past, fighting against nay-sayers. 

The journalist, once again, adds only minimal details for clarification, but allows the testimonial to reveal the story in its entirety. The purpose of giving Verity this platform in to entertain, inform and persuade. Her story in incredible and horrifying, which attracts readers, but is also informing them of the cults absolute evil. In addition, this piece can also persuade the adult audience to never join such a virulent group, no matter how much one needs a sense of belonging. The dark side of these communes must be exposed in order to save the lives of people like Verity from people who want to hurt them, control them, destroy them. People like L. Ron Hubbard and Sun Myung Moon, who create false, tiny mystical worlds for people who seek help or who seek to help to create profit and power. 



What all these articles have in common is the destruction that cults and idolization have caused on innocent lives. Although are are from different mediums, a newspaper, a tabloid, a biography and an article, we see how people have been manipulated because they lacked a sense of self and purpose. Each story comes with a different perspective, but with very similar outcomes: corruption. The intent of occult fixation is good, trying to help oneself find truth, but in practice, the leaders of such groups are egomaniacs at the very least. They have inflicted abuse, rape, murder, torn apart families and lives to fulfill a lust for control, to fulfill their imagined utopia. Utopia is an impossible notion, and those who attempt to inflict it onto reality are fundamentally malicious people. In order to combat such an alluring projection, we must form our own opinions, our own morals so we can stay steadfast in fighting lies. Just because someone says something evil in a nice way doesn’t make the content of what they are saying good. It makes it dangerous. The varying tones of each piece nevertheless add to the larger narrative that the only way to protect against falsehoods is with the truth.


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