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Writing Resistance – Fall 2020

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Week 9 Assignments DUE 10/26

  • Dear class-

    Stay tuned for feedback on your research proposals later this week!

    Now that you have refined your research question(s) and selected a model essay to serve as your blueprint for Essay #2, I’d like for you to begin compiling potential sources for this assignment. See details below.

    DUE OCT 26TH at 11:59PM

    Read “Reading Games: Strategies for Reading Scholarly Sources” by Karen Rosenberg

    Post your response to the assigned reading (100-150 words) on the group discussion forum HERE. See discussion question(s) below.

    • Discussion Question(s): What is one idea from the text that interests or confuses you? Why? After reading this text, what strategies might you use to write your Source-Based Essay?
    • To post your response, reply to the appropriately labeled topic in the discussion forum. (i.e. Discussion Forum: “Reading Games: Strategies for Reading Scholarly Sources”)


    • In this report (500 –  750 words), you will provide an update on your research in progress. For additional support, I strongly encourage you to refer back to the Accessing CUNY Academic Database Lecture (Video) HERE. Your response should provide the following information:
      • Discuss the sources you have found so far and analyze their credibility
      • Provide details about each source: how was each found, what makes it viable, and how you imagine each one effectively supporting your ideas
      • Identify a source you found while conducting your research but have discarded, and explain why you are excluding it
      • Discuss a source you are considering using, but about which you are still unsure, and explain your uncertainty
      • Identify what’s missing in your research, and speculate about information you are still seeking from additional sources
      • A bibliography of the sources you have compiled so far
    • Post your response to the COURSE BLOG on the Academic Commons and comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. 

    Additional Resources  

    As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. You may respond directly to this thread or contact me separately via email. I will host office hours this Friday from 12:30pm-1:30pm and by appointment for those of you who would like to meet 1-on-1.

    Happy Writing!


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