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Writing Resistance – Fall 2020

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Office Hours (9/18) + Academic Advising

  • Dear class-

    Your grades for Week 3 assignments are currently available in the ‘Grades’ section of Blackboard.

    I was blown away by your passionate responses to the Topic Reflection prompt and the sheer diversity of social issues you will explore this semester. I look forward to reading your drafts and future reflections to see how you will use your unique and powerful voices to inspire urgent and necessary change!

    This announcement is also a friendly reminder that I will host virtual office hours tomorrow afternoon from 12:30pm-1:30pm via Zoom (link below)

    **Note on Academic Advising**

    Finally, the college wishes to support its students the best it can, and to that end, CCNY will provide tutoring and advising to all who need it, but the college will also be reaching out to those who I thought should receive help right away in order to stay on track and complete the course.

    Feel free to follow up with any questions, comments, or concerns. 🙂



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