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Course Update + Essay #2 First Draft DUE 11/2

  • Dear class-

    Please see attached an updated course schedule that reflects a shift away from video lectures in favor of text-based materials as well as extended deadlines for the remainder of the semester. You may also access this file in the course library here

    Now that you have compiled some potential sources for this assignment, I’d like for you to begin the process of crafting an answer to your research question in the form of a first draft. Share your answer to research questions in a way that makes it believable, understandable, and usable for your audience. To do this: 

    • Create a one-sentence answer to your research question. This will be the thesis statement/ main point/ controlling idea of your research paper.
    • Include plentiful and well-chosen examples from the data/information you gathered
    • Indicate the quality of your information by accurately citing your sources 
    • Provide a compelling analysis of your source information that will let your audience completely understand how the evidence adds up to your answer.
    • Mirror the genre conventions of your model essay (i.e. where the thesis goes and how it’s worded, how the essay is organized, its visual presentation, and how it concludes, etc.)

    Before you begin writing, be sure to review the Essay #2 Assignment Sheet and the Introduction to Inquiry-Based Research Essay Presentation. I also ask that you read some additional resources on how to work with the source information you’ve gathered to construct your essay. Details below. 

    DUE NOV 2ND at 11:59PM

    Watch How to improve your search terms and Identifying Scholarly Journal Articles and Substantive News Articles

    Read additional resources

    ESSAY #2 FIRST DRAFT (Blackboard)

    Note: There is no word requirement for this assignment, however I encourage you to do your best to complete your draft in its entirety. Submissions received after the due date will NOT receive written feedback from the instructor. See instructions below. 



    Use the questions from the Evaluation Rubric to craft your response (see below). Refer to this handout on How to Respond in Helpful Ways to a Peer’s Draft for additional support. 

    Peer Review Questions

    • Is the research question clear, focused, and complex?
    • Does the essay effectively answer the research question with insightful synthesis of the source information?
    • Are the main points well supported with sufficient (but not excessive) use of evidence?
    • Are the ideas united and logically organized in a way that leads to a thought-provoking conclusion?
    • Have they proofread and edited the essay for grammatical and punctuation errors?

    Assignment Instructions

    • Go to your Group Blog on Blackboard and read each of your group members’ first drafts. Be sure to take notes on the writer’s main strengths and weaknesses.
    • Comment on each of your group members’ blog entries with your peer review feedback (100-150 words for each draft).

    As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. You may respond directly to this thread or contact me separately via email. I will host office hours this Friday from 12:30pm-1:30pm and by appointment for those of you who would like to meet 1-on-1. 

    Happy Writing!


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