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Diane’s AAG speech- how does it become a post for Society and Space?

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    Hi Everyone!

    Sorry, I forgot that this week I wanted to share an item. So basically I am attaching my speech/review for Camila Hawthorne’s book on Black citizenship in Italy. I did some things a bit unconventional for a book review- and she appreciated it- so much so that she wants it to be 1500 words for publication on the society and space website.

    I wanted to gather thoughts on how to move this into something that has some of the critique of the field as I lay out, personal anecdote to demonstrate her use of embodied knowledge, and yet also holds space as a generative book review- within a 1500 limit.

    Please excuse grammatical errors-  I’m just looking for additional voices to help me curate the piece.


    Thank you!

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