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WordPress HELP!!

This group is for neophytes to WordPress who are trying to use it as a Bbd alternative and have questions that “everyone knows” the answers to already. Except those who don’t. Quick answers to specific questions is what I envision here, so we can set up our courses without spending hours trying to find out a simple answer. Of course, we NEED EXPERTS in the group to actually answer the questions. All experts and neophytes please join this group!!


Problems with the ArtSee template

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  • Hi Carlos – let me take a look and get back to you tomorrow. It maybe that we need to update the theme. Thanks for detailed info.

    Hi Carlos – I installed the ArtSee theme and encountered the same issue you did. I can’t read the details of the fix (since I don’t have a login/password to Elegant) – but it seems to fix it on the Common, we will need to upgrade the theme.

    However, I did find a work around. If you go to Add Media on the dashboard, you can add your logo image there. Then copy the URL of the image, and go back to the same screen where you are getting the “Cheatin’ uh” error. Paste the URL into the text box, and click save. And the logo appears.

    Hope this helps. I attached a screenshot

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    Thanks Scott for your quick responses. We are currently using the twenty twelve template and works fine so far. I will test it in another site to see if it works, but I agree with you that the template needs to be updated in the commons.

    Thanks again.

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