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    Laura Kane

    Hi all,

    Matt Gold suggested that I join this group to ask a question about Buddypress:

    I’m working on a couple of websites that will feature student fellows as bloggers. I’d like to include a list of “members” (either as a static list of members, or a dynamic list that reflects the last active members) that is exclusive to the student fellows that blog on the site. However, when I use the Buddypress widget on the site it produces a list of either a) all of the members of the CUNY Commons, or b) all of the most recently active members of the CUNY Commons.

    Is there any way to create a filter in Buddypress for specific Commons members that relates directly to membership on a blog?


    I’m guessing these blogs are on the Commons? Are the students members of the Commons and then authors on the blogs? Can you leave a link?

    There is an ‘Authors Widget’ which would allow you to display authors in a sidebar. You can’t order them by recent activity but you can by – Display name, First name, Last name, Post count, or ID.


    Yes, you could do the filter;Š it would have to be written as a plugin or written
    into the theme (hard coded into a page template or functions.php).

    But using a plugin like this — http://wordpress.org/plugins/people-lists/
    or the one MBS suggests would be easier….

    Laura Kane

    Thanks for the replies, Michael and Luke!

    Michael – these blogs are on the Commons, and the authors are all GC students that will have Commons accounts. Unfortunately I can’t leave links to the sites as they’re works in progress and private.
    I will definitely check out the Authors Widget (it looks like there may be another one that is similar – I will check out both!). Thank you for the suggestion!

    Luke – I wonder if this would be something worth pursuing for the Commons in general? I’m sure many sites would like this option.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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