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headings and toc’s

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    Benjamin Miller

    In trying to set up a page for the CUNY-wide Composition & Rhetoric Community (CCRC), I’ve run into a couple of relatively minor frustrations that might be worth pondering on the sysop level. These are all illustrated at <a href=””></a&gt;.

    1. Could we arrange to hide the system name of a page (e.g. something full of underscores and dashes) iff the first element on the page is an H1 (presumably intended as a more readable pagename)?

    2. Apparently there’s no longer a built-in way to include section headers that don’t appear in the table of contents, even when this leads to ridiculously long ToCs. (See discussion <a href=”″>here</a&gt;.) On the page linked to above, I’m trying to create a bibliography with alphabetical subheadings, so I can make a compactToC for the longest bibliographic sections – but I don’t want my table of contents to suddenly be more than 26 lines long.

    3. Really minor, but is there any way to add padding around the floated ToC box?

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