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The Group for Group Admins

A meta-group for all of the Commons’ group admins so that the CUNY Academic Commons team can share information and keep you updated about changes to the site (and especially the Group interface). This group will also provide a way for us to get feedback from you about features you’d like to see added and ways we can improve the Group functionality.


Requesting a plugin

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  • Hi Carlos,

    This is a fine space to request a plugin. Two other options:

    — email our team at

    — join our Redmine ticketing system ( ), which we use to track bugs and feature requests (here is our project there: )

    The advantage of joining Redmine is that if you create the ticket, you will receive email notification updates as our team works on and completes the request.

    But that’s only if you want to be more involved in the process — something we encourage but don’t require.

    However you make your request, we do ask you to provide a bit more detail about why you want what you want and why existing options on the Commons don’t meet your needs. We have a “form” that you can use to provide more info – the current version is here ( ) though a new version will be available soon.

    If you could follow up on this with answer to some of the questions in that form either by emailing or joining redmine, that would be great. Thanks!



    Hi Matt,

    A few days ago I made the following inquiry about plugins on redmine, after which I received this response from Etienne Massip: “Please don’t use this tracker for plugin issues and contact the author or post in Plugins forum” :

    Issue #12010 has been updated by Mark Webb.


    I have a question about the subscribe 2 plug-in. Is there really no way that a user can control the frequency of the emails they receive (all posts, digest once daily, digest once weekly, etc.)? I understand that the admin controls the frequency of the emails in this plug-in. I do have Jet Pack set up and there is a subscription tool that the user can control, except there the user cannot select the categories they want to receive… Is there any way to do both, to have the user control frequency and blog categories they want to receive?

    Secondly, any ideas about how it might be possible to post to a commons blog via email? If that is possible, is it then possible to post to a specific category via email on a commons blog?

    (Social Media Fellow, Anthropology)

    Is this not an appropriate question for Redmine? How should I proceed?


    Hi Mark,

    I’m Sarah, one of the community facilitators and I don’t recognize the name Etienne Massip. I also believe that the Redmine project for the CUNY Academic Commons is only up to ticket 2167, not 12010. Perhaps you posted to



    The redmine installation is used both by the Commons team and by the CUNY
    GC IT Department. You must have posted it to one of IT’s projects. Please
    create a ticket in the Academic Commons project and we’ll look into it.
    Here’s a direct link:



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