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The Group for Group Admins’s Docs meeting summary 2/5/2014

IHC: Refocusing goals and next steps

In efforts to simplify the IHC experience for users and provide immediate value to members of the field of Islamic History, we will retire the CommentPress Working Papers site and focus on developing two major functionalities for IHC. First, instead of offering a channel for online peer review — which may be too complicated for users at this moment — we will create robust profile pages where members may showcase PDFS of their published or unpublished work.  Second, we will propose the IHC as the home for the Middle East Medievalists and offer an online space where they might conduct the group’s communication and publish their bulletin.

Next steps:

  • Chase and Erin to arrange teleconference with Maxim on new developments in next week.
  • Chase to procure copy of MEM bulletin for Erin to create demo IHC site.
  • Chase to arrange meeting with with Middle East Medievalists (Antoine B.) in next month and Erin to prepare presentation on functionality of IHC for meeting. Discuss possibility of assistant graduate student.
  • After meeting with MEM, Erin to develop plan for MEM’s initial six months on IHC and present to Matt, Chase and MEM.
  • Erin to develop mock ups and wire frames of new profile pages with PDF sharing functionality in next week. Matt to discuss with CBOX developer.

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