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Fwd: Quantitative Skills Position

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    Luke Waltzer

    See below for an exciting job opportunity at Baruch College.


    Luke Waltzer, Ph.D.
    Director, The Teaching and Learning Center
    The Graduate Center, CUNY
    365 Fifth Avenue, Room 3300.19
    New York, NY 10016

    > Begin forwarded message:
    > From: Dahlia Remler <>
    > Subject: Quantitative Skills Position
    > Date: January 2, 2020 at 4:14:17 PM EST
    > To: Dahlia Remler <>
    > We are looking to hire someone with experience teaching and developing curriculum for quantitative skills. The ideal candidate is focused on real understanding, not rotelearning, and has interest in some kind of social, policy or management field, like our students.
    > This is an unusual position, because it is not a faculty position, but a staff one, a higher education associate, with the potential for real job security. For someone who loves the teaching & learning in academia, this could be the perfect job.
    > Here is the link:
    > <;
    > The job description is below my signature. It closes January 14. I am happy to field questions. Please forward to anyone who might be interested or to appropriate lists.
    > Dahlia
    > Dahlia Remler, PhD | Professor
    > Marxe School of Public & International Affairs | Baruch College | City University of New York
    > CUNY Institute for Demographic Research
    > 646-660-6725 | Twitter: @DahliaRemler
    > Blog <; | Baruch website <;
    > Textbook: Research Methods in Practice <;
    > Job description excerpts:
    > Reporting to the Associate Dean, the Associate Director of Quantitative Student Support will develop curriculum, manage and implement a variety of workshops, tutoring programs and other interventions to improve professional master’s students’ quantitative and analytical skills. Quantitative skills are those needed for applied statistics, research and analysis, economics and budgeting courses, as well as to ensure students are quantitatively literate in an era of growing data importance. Some students have had lifelong problems with math and quantitative skills. Other students succeeded in their courses but do not have the deep level of comfort needed to reach the next stage. Yet other students have stale skills and even those with the strongest skills need to sharpen them to improve their data analysis. An important goal is to support students so that they can understand analysis, enough to critically assess and make effective use of it, rather than an ability to accomplish tasks by rote.
    > Specific duties:
    > · Collaborate with faculty, administrators, and staff to determine how best to meet students’ quantitative needs
    > · Lead effort, in collaboration with Marxe School faculty and administrators, to assess and document quantitative analysis needs, inventory curricula, and serve as an institutional specialist for quantitative student support across the School’s graduate programs
    > o Develop and refine curriculum and materials
    > · Develop and teach a semester-long workshop for students whose previous records show them to need extensive work in basic quantitative areas.
    > o Conduct formative evaluation of and refine this workshop accordingly
    > · Consult with faculty who would like to improve their pedagogical and psycho-social approaches to teaching students quantitative skills.
    > · Provide summer and winter pre-semester workshops for students identified by the admissions committee as needing refreshers to begin their program.
    > · Develop and provide other workshops and sessions available to all Marxe graduate students throughout the academic year
    > · Oversee peer tutoring

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