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Fwd: Fellowship Opportunity: Apply to be a GC Digital Fellow by 3/22/19

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    Luke Waltzer

    Great fellowship opportunity below!


    Luke Waltzer, Ph.D.
    Director, The Teaching and Learning Center
    The Graduate Center, CUNY
    365 Fifth Avenue, Room 3300.19
    New York, NY 10016

    > Begin forwarded message:
    > From: “Rhody, Lisa” <>
    > Subject: Fellowship Opportunity: Apply to be a GC Digital Fellow by 3/22/19
    > Date: March 7, 2019 at 3:46:12 PM EST
    > To: Executive Officers <>, Assistant Program Officers <>, “Furlong, Jennifer” <>, “Rogers, Katina” <>, “Sullivan, Kendra” <>
    > Dear colleagues,
    > GC Digital Initiatives is looking for new GC Digital Fellows to join our interdisciplinary team next year. Please share the announcement below with your doctoral students. We hope that you will encourage students to apply.
    > Best wishes,
    > Matt and Lisa
    > Apply to become a GC Digital Fellow by March 22, 2019
    > Are you looking for a fellowship that will challenge you to enhance your existing technical skills? Do you enjoy working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team? Do you like working with students, faculty, and staff to help them learn new digital tools and methods? Have you been experimenting with the use of technology in your own research?
    > GC Digital Initiatives is searching for new doctoral students to join our dynamic group of GC Digital Fellows. Together, GC Digital Fellows lead week-long digital research institutes <;, teach workshops on technical skills <;, create resources <; for GC students and faculty, and build digital projects that make use of the affordances of emerging technology while considering the ethical, social, and political stakes.
    > Based in the GC Digital Scholarship Lab, the GC Digital Fellows Program <; operates as an in-house think-and-do tank for digital projects, connecting Fellows to digital initiatives <; throughout The Graduate Center <;. GC Digital Fellows utilize a team-based approach as they explore creative solutions for projects and implement them collaboratively. In the process, the GC Digital Fellows Program helps build out “The Digital GC” — a vision of the Graduate Center that incorporates technology into its core research and teaching missions. GC Digital fellows are particularly invested in the way in which questions of race, gender, and social justice intersect with technology.
    > Our work includes:
    > ● Exploring new ways for Graduate Center faculty, students, and staff to share their academic work through emergent technological tools and social media tools;
    > ● Contributing to and helping to implement a strategic vision for public digital scholarship at the GC;
    > ● Consulting with GC faculty members on digital scholarly projects <;;
    > ● Offering skill-building workshops <; to GC students, faculty, and staff;
    > ● Developing websites and web applications for special initiatives;
    > ● Fostering community around digital projects <; at the GC;
    > ● Experimenting with computational and networked forms of scholarly communication <;;
    > ● Supporting innovative courses <> that introduce emerging digital methods <;;
    > ● Encouraging the exploration of digital scholarship, methods, and tools through office hours, ourPython Users Group Meetings <;, and digital research institutes <;.
    > Doctoral students at any level are eligible to apply, and we encourage applications from women and people of color. We hope to add strength to our program in graphic and web design, Python, machine learning, text analysis, R, and qualitative analysis; however, we encourage those with skills and interests in addition to these to apply, as well.
    > To get a better sense of our work, you can read the GC Digital Fellows’ blog, Tagging the Tower <;, and our semesterly blog post “What is GCDI? <>”
    > Compensation
    > Total compensation for the award is $28,128. Funding will include a graduate assistant appointment, which carries eligibility to purchase the low-cost NYSHIP health insurance, a stipend, and in-state tuition remission for fellows who are within their first 10 registered semesters of study. Digital Fellows will be required to work a total of 450 non-teaching hours during the academic year (two 15-week semesters).
    > The initial DF appointment is for one year (exact dates vary and will be specified upon appointment). Determinations of DF re-appointments will be made on annual basis up to three years, depending on individual eligibility and GC needs.
    > Application Instructions
    > To apply, please send a statement of interest (no more than 1-2 pages), a CV, a list of digital projects undertaken and/or completed, and a letter of reference from a faculty advisor (can be sent separately) to <> with “Digital Fellows Application” in the subject line. Applications must be received by March 22, 2019 to be considered.
    > Questions
    > Please contact Lisa Rhody, Deputy Director, Digital Initiatives ( <> ) with any questions you might have.
    > ​
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > Lisa Marie Rhody, PhD
    > Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives
    > Director, Digital Fellowship Programs
    > Director, Digital Humanities Research Institutes
    > The Graduate Center, CUNY
    > <; | @lmrhody
    > Matthew K. Gold, Ph.D.
    > Acting Director, M.A.
    > Program in Digital Humanities <; &
    > M.S.
    > Program in Data Analysis and Visualization <; /
    > Associate Professor of English & Digital Humanities /
    > Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center
    > President, Association for Computers and the Humanities
    > [] <;
    > | @mkgold

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